Hon. Prince Olufemi Adeyemi Applauds a 13-year old SSS 2 Student Who Scored 220 in The Just Conducted JAMB 2020

Hon. Prince Olufemi Adeyemi has applauded a 13-year old SSS 2 student who scored 220 in the just conducted JAMB 2020. 


While reacting and applauding the young female student who came from Ido Local Government, Hon. Femi said;

As a Member representing Oyo Central Senatorial District at the Nigerian Youth Parliament. I deem it fit to do all within my capacity to support and encourage the deserving youths in any capacity I could.

In the light of this, I picked interest in the brilliant teenager in question, especially when I realised she was possibly heading into the league of lots of helpless and financially handicapped brilliant students from unprivileged families.

Olanrewaju Temidayo Breakthrough is a Senior Secondary School Two student of His Majesty Global Schools, Ido, Ibadan, and she is also a trained Fashion Designer, at just 13years!

According to her father, a 35-year old private school teacher, Mr Olanrewaju Wahab, the girl started learning fashion designing against her wish when she was in JSS 2, aged 10 but latter picked an interest in it, at Divine Beauty Fashion Home, Ido, and was due for graduation a years after but her graduation is still delayed till today due to financial reasons.

When asked why he had to enroll her for tailoring at that tender age, he said he did that to put her at a safer side since he has no idea how her childhood ambition of becoming a lawyer might possibly go due to financial constraints.

She learnt fashion designing at the same time with schooling, and the amazing aspect is, for the very first time she sat for Jamb and got 220 and was able to learn her skills too within a year simultaneously.


Hon. Prince Olufemi Adeyemi Applauds a 13-year old SSS 2 Student Who Scored 220 in The Just Conducted JAMB 2020


When asked how the girl managed to record such rare success considering her age. Mr Olanrewaju said the little girl was naturally and helplessly exposed to conditions which are beyond her age since she was a child due to a broken home and has determined to make a difference with her godliness, academic and moral excellence, with the assistance from the father who has been singlehandedly taking care of her since the separation, years back.


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Olanrewaju Breakthrough, when asked about her future ambition, said she loved to become a lawyer with distinction that will be reckoned with in Nigerian judiciary and a journalist, but would not love to experience a stoppage in her academics as her father was trying his best for her.

She has also authored a few books which are also yet to be published.

Mr Olanrewaju latter concluded that his major concern now is getting the girl enrolled in a law school as soon as possible as delaying her admission may do more harm to the girl’s ambitions than good.

Since most Federal Universities peg their admission age at 16 years. Though Private Universities will offer her admission since she would turn 14 before the admission exercise, but due to the financial strength of the father, he thinks the girl’s future ambitions might be hanging on a balance.

I hereby call on you the well-meaning Nigerians, Ido state and federal law makers,Oyo state Government to come into the aid of this little girl in any way you could in ensuring this brilliant and innocent girl’s ambition of becoming a lawyer is achieved by offering outright scholarship or sponsoring her and I am very sure she too will give back to the society when the time is right.

For whatever you want to assist the little girl with, Mr Olanrewaju Wahab’s(her father) contact details is:
Phone: 08026168642

He who open a school gate, closes the prison gate”

By assisting future Barrister and OAP Olanrewaju Temidayo Breakthrough, other students and pupils too will be encouraged to continue giving a top priority to their studies irrespective of their family background.

Parents are also beseech to take good care of their wards, watch over them and take full responsibilities on them as children are like powerful tools in the hand of the warrior.



Hon. Prince Olufemi Adeyemi

Member and vice chairman house committee on Education at Nigerian Youth Parliament.



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