El-Rufai Son's Enrollment In Public School, A Good Leadership Example For Others To Emulate

El-Rufai Son’s Enrollment In Public School, A Good Leadership Example For Others To Emulate

The Kaduna State Governor; Mallam Nasir El-Rufai was on Monday 23rd September, 2019 reported by most dailies in Nigeria to have enrolled his six-year-old son; Abubakar El-Rufai at a public primary school- Capital School Malali, Kaduna State in fulfilment of a promise he made in 2017.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that El-Rufa’i had in a state broadcast in December 2017, promised to enroll his child in a public school when he turns six years.

El-Rufai Son's Enrollment In Public School, A Good Leadership Example For Others To Emulate

“The move is part of reforms to revamp public schools in the state to make them more competitive.

“We are determined to fix public education and raise their standards so that private education will become only a luxury.

“As we make progress, we will require our senior officials to enroll their children in public schools.

“And I will by personal example ensure that my son that will be six years of age in 2019 will be enrolled in a public school in Kaduna State, by God’s grace,”

El-Rufai had said.


“I made that commitment because I believe that it is only when all political leaders have their children in public schools that we will pay due attention to quality of public education.

“I went to a public school like this. In fact, the school I went to is not as good as this one, but here I am, because of the quality teaching I got.

“My intention is to ensure that all our public schools offer quality education, and so we are encouraging all our senior public servants to send their children to public schools.

“Once the public schools are improved to a point they are nearly as good or even better than private schools, no one will waste his money taking his child to private school,” he said.

El-Rufai Son's Enrollment In Public School, A Good Leadership Example For Others To Emulate

The move by the Kaduna State Governor was a good one from a real patriot with the passion to genuinely develop public schools and make them competitive with private schools.

Most of the public servants steal from the public service to develop the private sector including private schools they selfishly develop for their personal interests at the detriment of the public service they were engaged to serve.

The resolve by the governor to save the public schools from rot deserves national accolades and the Rights and Freedom Advocates (RIFA) join other patriots in congratulating the Kaduna people for having Governor El-Rufai who once exposed poor teachers collecting government fund when they could not even write their names and were being shielded by shameless unions that could not accept such teachers teach their children in private schools they patronise.

The irony of the matter is that despite the fact that public schools pay higher wages to their staff than private schools, most of the workers deliver less value in service than the private schools’ teachers do which most of the public servants patronize.

If the public servants are made to patronize the public goods from where they make their earnings, Nigeria would be great in no distant time as most of the public servants with lackadaisical attitude to public service delivery will act swiftly to anything that affects them.

Therefore, the hope for better days in Nigeria will be bright. As a result, members of the public and men of goodwill should continue to exert more pressure on public servants to emulate Governor El-rufai if only we want the best from our country so as to become great in the nearest future.

El-Rufai Son's Enrollment In Public School, A Good Leadership Example For Others To Emulate


And for the civil servants and public servants swindling public funds to develop what they do not know its aftermath after their demise.

RIFA urge them to start thinking positively towards making Nigeria a positive reference point for development like other advanced countries of the world most of public servants and affluent Nigerians send their children for good education and quality lives.

RIFA therefore laud Governor ElRufai of Kaduna state on this patriotic move to save the public schools from total collapse and urge other public servants to follow suit without delay.

Luqman Soliu
Rights and Freedom Advocates (RIFA)

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