Attack On Sheikh Muyideen Bello: Oyo PDP Needs A Responsible, Cultured Spokesperson - RIFA

Rights and Freedom Advocates (RIFA) got a statement on April 15, 2021 credited to one Engr Akeem Olatunji who claimed to be Publicity Secretary of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Oyo State when he impugned the uncompromising and fearless Sheikh Muideen Bello of making royalty induced sermon on April 14, 2021 at a programme in honour of late Governor Abiola Ajimobi.

The said Mr Olatunji whose questionable status and loyalty still baffle many patriotic people including some PDP members and those in government in Oyo State has taken his yeoman job beyond boundary when he attacked the revered Sheikh Muyideen Bello who only echoed known public facts in his usual sermons. The said statement by the PDP only made mockery of the party when it misfired.

When Ladoja and Akala led PDP was in charge of Oyo State, the State was known for criminality like Anambra State also controlled by PDP where Governors were hurled out of government house by thugs and the State Publicity Secretary of PDP only wanted us to revisit the gory violent and gruesome experience his party brought to Oyo State.

Those criminals who were ghost during the last administration in Oyo State are now champions in Oyo state. No wonder, only someone in that group can attack the personality of Sheikh Muyideen Bello whose sermon remains one of the best and fairest in the Country.

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One of the political thugs of PDP was even boasting in the public that Governor Seyi Makinde recruited him to Kogi during the last election in that State for only the Governor could explain mission.

For 8 years of pre-Seyi Makinde administration, Oyo State regained its pace setter status in responsible leadership that guaranteed peace and outlawed criminals which PDP has reversed.

PDP government now distributes public revenue to criminals and touts even when competent court ruled that such touts are not legally allowed to collect public revenue. The PDP government ignored the court ruling the same way it has failed to swear-in validly appointed judges in Oyo state courtesy of executive extremism and perfidy which the Party promotes.

Two of the three qualified judges have died while Governor Seyi Makinde and the attorney-general of Oyo State breached constitutional oaths they sworn to uphold with fairness and justice. It is has come to the attention of RIFA that the governor and his partners-in-extremism have substituted unqualified people to replace those people who died in controversial circumstances that the PDP-led government of Oyo state could be made to explain.

And the gangsters who are in charge of Oyo State now are celebrating this? The real PDP members are really regretting fielding a governor that destroyed not only the party but the state peace and progress in less than two years. RIFA noted that meaningful development can only happen in a peaceful State but PDP celebrates insecurity it has caused as success.

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Should that be from a sound and responsible party spokesperson? Why is it that insecurity always reign supreme in Oyo State whenever PDP is in power? Is it coincidence or a planned work?

From Akinyele where number of people killed became the PDP pride to Ibarapa where Alhaji Abdulfatah Yusuf Oko Oloyun and others were gruesomely murdered in what has been found to be politically-motivated killings under PDP in a state that enjoyed serene environment before PDP got to power, only a deceitful person/party could attribute the insecurity in the State to anyone other than PDP which only parades thugs and hooligans as its best.

PDP could as well accuse RIFA of collecting royalty from Sheikh Muyideen Bello for revealing the atrocities of the retrogressive administration in charge of Oyo State even when the Sheikh might not even know anything about RIFA or the members.

So, according to PDP anyone that exposes its administration evils now is induced by money? No serious party or spokesperson could utter that! RIFA operate on highest level of integrity and PDP is free to claim this release in also induced as any party without viable ideas cannot do better than what it currently does.

Even the PDP stalwarts in the State are regretting seriously in public and private for supporting Governor Seyi Makinde as he has retrogressed the party and the State instead of improving on the legacy of fairness, justice and development met on ground.

To confirm the cluelessness, the PDP administration embarked on jamboree bus terminus construction and acquisition of highly-inflated buses for the state residents. Revenue belonging to state government now goes to Governor Seyi Makinde touts’ pockets.

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And this is what a party described as saving state resources-for who? The PDP tantrum on revered Sheikh Muideen Bello is not only sacrilegious but also destructive of the party as bunch of uncultured people in public office. Even though RIFA understand that the said PDP spokesperson is a known errand boy for uncouth job, many PDP faithfuls have been dissociating themselves from his careless and irresponsible attack on the Sheik who only expressed the reality amidst the worst administration that has retrogressed Oyo State to the past gory experience of PDP-led Ladoja/ Akala regime when insecurity became the copyright of the then administration.

Except a hypocrite, everyone knows Sheikh Muideen Bello for speaking to power that be even when others including the uncultured PDP spokesperson fear. Sheikh Bello has many public messages that can attest to his unfettered sermons and so Oyo PDP should caution its errand boys to stop attacking those who are bold to expose their evils in public.

Before Abiola Ajimobi became Oyo state governor, Oyo State was haven for the PDP criminals who have returned to the government today and the Governor hobnob the motorpark touts that were neutralized by Ajimobi-led administration.

In Olatunji gaffe, he regarded Seyi Makinde celebration of insecurity as achievement. Does PDP need anyone to hint it that a responsible and sound spokesperson is needed? Or how could a normal person celebrate Governor Seyi Makinde who was celebrating destruction of lives and properties during ENDSARS protest in Oyo State to the extent that it took him weeks to pay a visit to Oyo Police command on the police officers killed by irate youths the spokesperson was referring to the same way he treated other security hotspots in the State?

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Is it not the same Oyo state that late Ajimobi restored peace after PDP years of horror that Seyi Mankinde has sent back to state of insecurity? It is not late if PDP could approach the last administration for training on how it achieved the peace attained then.

Besides, the PDP should start weeding the criminals in public offices and govern like serious set of people that mean well for the populace. RIFA urge Sheikh Muideen Bello to pardon the errand boy and ignore PDP gaffe as a trash undeserving of response from him.

Luqman Soliu
Rights and Freedom Advocates (RIFA)