Emmy Dee Light Debunks A Claim Of Collecting Bribe From Gov. Seyi Makinde

#EndSARS: Singer, Emmy Dee Light Debunks A Claim Of Collecting Bribe From Gov. Seyi Makinde

#EndSARS: Singer, Emmy Dee Light Debunks A Claim Of Collecting Bribe From Gov. Seyi Makinde


Wiseloaded Media gathered that some Ibadan, Oyo State #EndSARS protesters who claimed to have been the conveners of the protest met with the Governor Seyi Makinde to dialogue on the ongoing day to day protest by angry youths and how to make the state better. 


It was reported that they were later accused of taking a bribe of 1million naira from the Governor for them to calm the protesters.

However, the talented Ibadan hip hop artist, Emmy Dee Light cleared the air about the issue.

He said;

“To clear the air about the issue that rises about the people who collected money from Oyo State Government yesterday over the end SARS Protest.

In what I read, it was actually generalized that Gov. Seyi Makinde gave all the conveners of end SARS protest sum of ₦1m, which is partially truth but not all conveners of end SARS Protesters attended the meeting.”

Also, Emmy stated that he was not aware of the tété a tété been had between Gov. Makinde and those who claimed to be the  conveners of the protest.

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He further said:

“I Oyedeji Hammed Adewale Emmy Dee Light didn’t attend and I have no hand in the money collected from the state government. And even later got to know that one of the members of the group that I created left the group to open another group on the same name and logo of that group and this same person parades himself as the leader of end SARS which we all know Nationwide that we have no single leader.”

The whole saga of the 1 million naira bothers directly on the question of ideology.

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He said No comrade who attended that meeting can completely exonerate himself or herself.


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This is because we do not know what happened behind the scene.

Even those who collected the money released a statement that they didn’t share part of the money.

Attending a meeting with the governor…..

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what do comrades intend to achieve with that meeting?

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Will such meeting bring a good result for the poor people?

Will it end poverty??

Will it bring free and quality education?

Will it bring free and good healthcare?

Will it translate to having homes for the homeless? Will it resolve the problem of darkness?

Will it solve the problem of unemployment??

These are the fundamental questions that must be asked before attending such meeting.

I think some comrades here believe that the interest of the rich and the poor can be reconciled.

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Some believe that we can have good ruling class that will treat the people fairly.

Some even think that we can negotiate the interests of the poor and the rich for us to have a win-win situation.

All of these are nothing but a myth that will not solve the problem of the poor.

From the argument I have read.

Some people here were not even against the money that was collected.

Some were angry because they were not part of the meeting.

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Some applauded the money collected and they advocated for the money to have been used for something better.


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All of these are signs that most elements here are radical petty bourgeois that are interested in individual heroism.

The only solution to the problem of the poor people is the liberation of the poor from the rich through a socialist revolution.

It is the excess wealth in the hands of the few rich that has made the majority to be poor.

So poverty will never end without this excess wealth being taken away and redistributed to the poor.

And the rich will not open their eyes and allow that to be done peacefully.

For comrades that have the right ideology.

They would have insisted that such meeting should be made public.

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Like media should cover the meeting from the beginning till the end and even the point when money was given.

The purpose of attending such meeting is to expose the government.

During the meeting such comrades would have posed all the fundamental questions I asked earlier to the governor.

The question of jobs, free education, free health, decent homes etc.

I’m sure the governor would have said that the state has no money to implement such.

But at the point when the governor gave 1 million.

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A clearheaded comrade would have used that to expose the government that the government cannot provide all the necessary things because the money for the people is in the hands of the few.

That rather than the governor funding free education and creating jobs, he would rather dash out 1 million for every group that visits him.

That would have gained echo in public and most people will be on our side by now on the question of revolution.

Anyone that’s taking money that has no receipt from the Government is taking bribe, No justification for that, No excuse for that, BRIBE IS BRIBE.

We should also end them as we were ranting end sars.

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The system is so corrupt that we trust no one again.

#EndBadGovernment #EndBadThinking #EndBadYouths #EndPovertyNow”

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