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Does Makinde Want Court Orders He Disobeys To Be Complied With By Others? – Luqman Soliu

Does Makinde Want Court Orders He Disobeys To Be Complied With By Others?

Since creation of Oyo State, I have not seen or read about a governor abusing the judiciary and playing on intelligence of wise Oyo people as Governor Seyi Makinde; the deceptive governor of Oyo State does.

I have been very observant of the happenings in Oyo State and I just pity the State for having the kind of peculiar mess it now parades. Projects are being awarded on the condition that contractors should source for the money whereas the governor commissions them and claim credit for liability being incurred for future administrations.

What a perfect way of defrauding the state!!!. Under this fraudulent arrangement, a death trap is being constructed along Shaki-Igboho road where no two trucks can move on the road freely at the same time and the worst narrow drainage (the worst I ever seen in my life is after Oba Abimbola layout around old Koba area) on a main road surfaces.

Thank God, had Ajimobi not started Ibadan-Iseyin road and Shaki township road, those two roads might have been narrower than their current shape. Unfortunately, those debts are off-record of the State debts at Debt Management office and his spokepsersons would be claiming their master is reducing the State debts perhaps they do not understand simple economics of debt profile.

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In 2020, 3 scuccesful judge nominees; Fatima Badru, Wasiu Gbadegesin and Bolaji Agoro  from Judiciary, Ministry of Justice and Bar respectively emerged to be appointed judges in Oyo State but the governor bigotry daringly halted their confirmation on the excuse that they were not Christians like him and all the three within a year died suspiciously.

In less than 8 weeks after the third of the judge-nominees died, the three were replaced furtively with three Christians; Olusola Adebisi Adetujoye, Folabimpe Beatrice Segun Olakojo, Professor Taiwo Elijah Adewale without similar due process that produced the late three judge- nominees.

The death of the trio of the judge-nominees looked like a well-planned blood-sucking politics as the first victim died in December 2020 while the second victim died four months later in April 2021 and the last one kicked the bucket in July 2021 eigth month after the death of the first victim while their replacement was done few weeks immediately after the exit of the last victim.

In February 2021, a State high court in Ibadan ruled that park management system; the thug wing of Governor Seyi Makinde political squad, was an illegal authority usurping the role of local government in park management but the governor who did not appeal the judgement ignored the judgement and retains his political thugs to continue terrorising the State residents while diverting revenue due to local governmnent to his political mercenaries at the expense of the government.

More so, the Supreme court ruled in May 2021 that the Oyo State government should pay the Seyi Makinde illegally sacked elected local government leaders and that the evidence of such payment should reach the Supreme Court by the end of August 2021.

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Till date, the governor did not comply. So, reading a press release by Taiwo Adisa; the governor’s spokesperson that the Attorney-General of Oyo State; Prof. Oyelowo Oyewo instituted a case in the name of Oyo State to join the State with Rivers on the tussle for collection of VAT by the states is not only laughable but indicting of the governor as his kind only could have appointed such a serial manipulator of justice as attorney-general in a State with sound lawyers of unblemished record. In the concluding part of Taiwo Adisa release of September 29, 2021 he stated and I quote ““In conclusion, we humbly urge your Lordships to grant this application in the interest of justice ….” When and where does the current Oyo state administrarion understand the meaning of justice?

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By the way, does Oyo State government want the Federal government to implement courts order the Oyo State government flagrantly disregarded? He who comes to equity must come with clean hands. The Oyo State government under the current administration is a celebration of pseudo-elites who could hardly differentiate right from wrong. Actually, except one is cerebrally sound he may not know that it is not all professors/SANs that are sound.

The fact is that academic is now another cult where anyone flourishes once he belongs to right caucus.

Well, I understand Professor Oyelowo Oyewo. If he has not instituted the case, no voucher or memo would have been raised to facilitate kickbacks from the associated costs of litigation as they strive to help the Governor bids Oyo State farewell in 2023 having displayed his fanatical strength in Oyo State without knowing he is destroying not only his political future but also that of colleagues who may wish to vie for governorship seat in Oyo State.

Has the current administration in Oyo State added any legal value other than incurring debts for the State? Only God knows the administration that will pay off Makinde political economic debts.

Luqman Soliu


Abeokuta, Ogun State

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