Hon. Femi Gives Advice On Covid-19 Pandemic

Hon. Femi Gives Advice On Covid 19 Pandemic

Covid-19 Pandemic: Solidarity speech and advise from office the member representing Oyo Central Senatorial District at The Nigerian Youth Parliament. Hon Prince Olufemi Adeyemi 


Covid-19 Pandemic

It’s important to break a silent at this momentous period we found ourselves which we hope will very soon become a subject of history.

The Nigerian Youth appreciate the vast and drastic response/measure of the Government and most especially the south west governors to contain the spread of Convic-19 Pandemic.

This is also to seek for the support and cooperation of the populace to please believe, join the campaign and “Stay at Home” to prevent the spread of this dangerous and world challenging disease “Coronavirus”.

This is absolutely imperative that we awake before Dawn considering the current happenings in Italy.

Let’s all remember that;

“Patience is a cardinal quality in being peaceful and obedience is the key to safety at this salent period”

  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water every 15-20mins
  •  Sanitize your hands frequently
  • Do not touch your nose,mouth and eye with unclean hands
  • Use and remove your clove and other preventive measure properly
  • Drink more water
  • Take more vitamin C to boost your immune system
  • Stay out of gathering of more than 10persons
  • Keep social distance , avoid hand shaking, hug etc
  • Stay at Home.


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The Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO) in his speech said;

“The general public At this trying time should look after their physical and mental health

It’s normal to feel stressed, confused and scared during crisis, talking to people you know and trust can help, supporting other people from your community can help you as much at it does them, check on neighbors, family and friends.

Compassion is a medicine, listen to music, read a book, or play a game and try not to read or watch too much news, if it makes you anxious.

Get your information from a reliable source once or twice a day. Covid-19 is taking so much from us,but it’s also giving us something special.

The opportunity to come together as one humanity,to work , learn and grow together.”

I wish to implore the religion leaders and believers to be more prayerful and turn to God Almighty for “He is the doer of all things”
My prayer is the deadly and dangerous coronavirus will not locate us and our love ones. Amen.


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