NYP Say No To The Latest Act Of Embassy Of Nigeria On Diasporas OLUFEMI ADEYEMI
Hon. Prince Femi Adeyemi

The member of Nigerian Youth Parliament, Hon. Femi Adeyemi has rejected the Embassy of Nigeria’s latest inhuman act on Nigerians abroad who willingly to come back home. 


The Embassy of Nigeria has released a new memo that sees the evacuees to pay almost N300k. before arriving Nigeria. The money meant for their quarantine, isolation, hotels and feeding before their departure and arrival in Nigeria.

However, Hon. Femi has reacted to this and tag it ‘Inhuman Act’.

He said,

“The govt should show concern and take full responsibility on Nigerians in Diaspora.

Most of them are struggling mostly the youth, alot of them went for slavery’s job of two years,only to return with less than 2million, even as low as 800k, imagine them paying 300k out of that, how do they start a new life after two years of hard labour, before settling down, alot of them with aged parents, also a child or two, settling accommodation and so on, before you know it they have nothing to show for their slavery job.

NYP Say No To The Latest Act Of Embassy Of Nigeria On Diasporas

Even the ones that are okay and can pay in 100folds, however their is no reason paying such because:

  • it’s not their personal responsibility
  • It’s the govt duty to curb the spread of virus

The govt only need their compliances and support not their cash as at this world horrible period (definitely they must have also experienced /are experiencing the effects of Covid-19 which we all understand its unpleasant experience).


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Knowing fully that they would leave love ones and didn’t see love ones(all alone) for days (imagine someone with negative results and still have to pay for Covid-19?.

A lot of Nigerians (At home)have not even enjoyed/is not receiving palliative even as the fed govt is announcing huge amount of money (even more than national budget)

If Nepa bills could be shared to all household in Nigeria, why can’t palliative go to household like Nepa bills?

What’s the reason behind Bank Verification Number Nigerians are forced to do (even Diaspora came with their expenses), why are homies suffering and smiling, and the govt have to always fustrate those in Diaspora?

The Government should see other countries for example if citizens are expected to live in peace and love to curb and fight this Covid-19 not acting inhumane.


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