One Year In Office: NYP Member Celebrates Hon TOLU Akande Sadipe & others

One Year In Office: NYP Member Celebrates Hon TOLU Akande Sadipe & others

The Member, Nigerian Youth Parliament (Oyo Central) celebrates one year in office of Hon TOLU Akande Sadipe and other Reps in Oyo Central Senatorial District.

Beyond the intuition that says “I know one when I see one,” how do you go about measuring the effectiveness of any given legislature?

Of course we want our legislatures to be effective, to be good. But we also know that federal legislatures will be heavily influenced by forces over which they have little control-technology in particular.

The challenge is to remain true to the fundamental purposes of representative democracy and the legislative system, which in no doubt our own Hon TOLU AKANDE SADIPE KAFAYAT has been staying true to the Fundamental purposes of Representative democracy and the legislative system in the past one year

She, TASK has been an effective, and excellent legislature even at this time of dramatic change(Covid-19 pandemic) the whole world found herself.

My points is not far fetched as her (T.A.S.K) legislative efficiency and effectiveness would be measured using these three points…..

One Year In Office: NYP Member Celebrates Hon TOLU Akande Sadipe & others


So it follows that legislatures must balance the power of The Presidency and the executive branch. A good legislature, accordingly, has to be relatively independent of the executive. It must insist on participating in the initiation of policy and refuse to rubber-stamp executive proposals.

Having experienced, witnessed and gone through Hon TASK contributions at the floor since inception,you would agree with me that, our own MHR has contributed independently without any fear or favor of the executive, which is at the best interest of the masses.

2) Representing Constituency

One of the major roles of a legislature is representation-representing various wards in the constituency,mainly people in each lawmaker’s electoral zone, but also organized groups and individuals elsewhere in the constituency. Hon TASK has for the past one year, successfully performed her legislative representational tasks to the good people of Oluyole Federal Constituency.

3) Making Law

Although representing others deals with the relations between the legislature and the public, lawmaking is internally focused. It relates to the processes by which laws (and policies) are fashioned.

One Year In Office: NYP Member Celebrates Hon TOLU Akande Sadipe & others

Lawmaking includes several related legislative activities. The legislative role in formulating, reviewing and adopting a federal budget has special significance.

The budget is probably the most important bill that a legislature passes. A legislature that performs poorly on the budget is likely to be an ineffective legislature overall.

The legislature’s oversight role is also worth considering; that is, how and to what extent does the legislature monitor the application and effect of the laws it has enacted.

Also, paying attention to legislative foresight; that is, how and to what extent the legislature looks ahead in order to develop policies to meet the future needs of the nation.

It’s sacrosanct to give kudos to HON TOLU AKANDE SADIPE KAFAYAT for her effective and efficient representation which in no doubt reflects in her one year score-card and made her, CHAIRPERSON of the house Committee on Diaspora

One Year In Office: NYP Member Celebrates Hon TOLU Akande Sadipe & others


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Of course,you will bear me witness that any legislature that is not intellectually sound in the legislative system (role, function, principle,practice, procedures,foresight,bill,etc) would never chair such a gigantic Committee,most especially at this 21st century.

Therefore, I, Hon Oluwafemi Adeyemi (Member Nigerian Youth Parliament, Oyo Central Senatorial District) on behalf of Oluyole, Oyo Central,Oyo State and Nigerian Youth at large, celebrates with HON TOLU AKANDE SADIPE KAFAYAT (TASK) on the occasion of her one year in office and Excellent representation.

Also, charging and imploring our able Hon TASK, colleagues representing federal constituencies within Oyo Central Senatorial District, and Oyo state at The Green chamber to do more as we(Nigerian Youth) remain O’livertwist in graving for a better Nigeria.

Finally, I will humbly request for more youth engagement in the affairs of your excellent representation. This would lead to effective democratic governance,proper economic agitations,and a heightened sense of ownership in building resilient communities.

It’s high time the society (through your Excellent representation) sees the youths as major/key players but not just part in nation building.

Hon. Olufemi Adeyemi
Nigerian Youth Parliament
Oyo Central Senatorial District
Chairman,Oyo State Caucus of NYP


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