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Declaration Speech of Hon. Femi Adeyemi for State House of Assembly


Hon. Femi Adeyemi for Oyo State House of Assembly

It’s my utmost joy to welcome you all (Leaders, and members of our great party, the All Progressive Congress APC).
My ever courageous and vibrant Nigerian Youths, other Oluyole citizens home and abroad.
Members of the press,
Ladies and gentlemen.

I feel truly honored by your presence, despite the security and economic challenges facing our dear Country and State at the moment. I thank you all from the depth of my heart.

We are all here because we still believe in the systems and potentials of our Nation, Nigeria. And also because we want to see Oyo State develop, prosper and become the real pace setter and pride of our nation. We are here because we know that change must come and that change must start from me and you, and come because of us.

I have moved around the country/state, discussing with my brothers and sisters from all works of life, especially the youths of our great state.

I keenly listened to them and heard their concerns about the current hardship across the nation, their frustrations about bad leadership/governance, the poor state of the education and health care systems, several unfulfilled expectations, and their disenchantment with the nation and it’s leaders.

Yet, I draw courage from what I see in them. I still see the strong hope, determination, and excitement on their faces.

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In spite of the many challenges we face, it is quite great that Nigerian Youths have refused to give up on Nigeria. It is very inspiring that amidst difficulties and growing anxiety over the future of our country, the ever-courageous Nigerian Youth have refused to bow-down to despondency and hopelessness.

This unrelenting attitude gives me immense hope and it is one of the reasons I will never give up on Nigeria.

Hon. Femi Adeyemi for Oyo House of Assembly
Hon. Femi Adeyemi

The unbearable hardship, unpromising educational system, the devalued economy, and the high rate of unemployment has become for many a frustrating puzzle.

For many groups it is a topic for national debate, and yet for others it is a doomsday lament. But as a promising youth, a progressive and open minded Nigerian, I consider it a golden opportunity and the right moment to display my courage, rekindle our innovative instinct, while showcasing our character and readiness to build a nation we desire.

The future of Nigeria is represented here. Nigerians of my generation, who have stayed unnecessarily longer in campuses (Higher institution of learning), working tirelessly to earn a living, and striving so hard to make Nigeria a better place for themselves and families; and who are entitled to retire in comfort are here.

Our youth are represented here……(Of the greatest Nigerian Youth). We, the youth are gifted with fresh ideas, full of energy and a burning desire for change, we are the hope of this nation. No one can really talk of a promising future with hope and confidence without us,the youth.


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This is why the coming 2023 election is about the youth. It is about ensuring that we live safe and secured lives. It is about making sure that we feed well, receive quality and affordable education, training, secure good and decent jobs, support our own families and contribute our own quota to the development of our dear state and Nigeria as a whole. This is what a good government owes its citizens.

This is what my generation owes the upcoming generations. This is what we must do to guarantee our future. This is what democracy really means. This is the change our great party APC stands for and we must all seek to actualize.

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Declaration Speech of Hon. Femi Adeyemi for Oyo State House of Assembly

I am particularly delighted that our party has slashed the nomination form by 40% for young people under 40 years of age to encourage and increase the youth participation in the coming election.

Also very proud of the party for adopting modified open primaries in selecting it’s flag bearers at all levels. This will ensure the emergence of candidate whose mandate will be informed by the popular will of the members of our party.

We have been arguing for a generational shift to younger leaders. I believe it’s the responsibilities of my generation to offer new and fresh ideas, innovation and the energy required to transform Nigeria.

However, climbing upon the shoulders of the untainted leaders with much more experience will improve our vision and broadening our horizon. We need this trans-generational collaboration and partnership which can represent the best model to create the future we desire and deserve.


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My story is not different to the story of many in my generation. I was born in ibadan to a workaholic civil servant (both parents). I grew up in ibadan. I attended Oloba community primary school, Oloba Ogbere, Ibadan. I proceeded to Lagelu Grammar School, Agugu for my Junior Secondary School Certificate (JSSC) , after which I continued my Secondary School Certificate at Ibadan Grammar School Molete Ibadan.

I gained admission into Oyo State Cooperative College, Eleekara, Ilora for National Diploma in Cooperative Studies.
Thereafter, proceeded to Federal Cooperative College for Higher National Diploma in Cooperative Economics and management.

I served my father land (NYSC) at AUD middle school, Inisha, Osun State in the year 2014/15.
I have worked in several private firms as farm manager, account officer and sales representative at Valuetainment Nigeria LTD, before establishing my personal business.

Today, I am an employer of labour and currently a Post Graduate Diploma Student of Lead City University, Ibadan.

I actively participated in the Students’ Union Politics while in school. From my first year in higher institution. I served as Assistant General Secretary of union. I Later served as General Secretary of the same union in the second year.

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In the year 2011/12, I served as the National Auditor for the Federation of Ibadan Students Union (FIBSU National Council). In the academic year 2012/13 I served as The chapter President of The Federation of Oyo State Students Union (FOSSU) and majority leader of the National Legislative Council of the same union (FOSSU National).

I was also a member of the Students’ Union Transition Council concurrently.

As 4th session Member of The Nigerian Youth Parliament National Assembly Abuja where I represented Oyo Central Senatorial District from May 2019-2021, I worked closely with my Speaker(Hon Mubarak Mijinyawa from Gombe state) and colleagues, who are also actively involved in youth development and advocacy.

The Nigerian Youth Parliament, NYP a NON-STIPENDARY and recognized youth body working in the area of legislature under the tutelage of the National Assembly and funded by the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development is shouldered with the responsibility of training youth on legislative activities (Principles,practices and procedures) and leadership in general.

Hon. Femi Adeyemi
Hon. Femi Adeyemi

In my representative capacity, I was privileged with the support of my constituents and Distinguished colleagues to contribute my quota to development and sustainability of Youth Friendly Policies locally and Nationally, part of wish include:

• Motion to Introduce Reproductive Health Education and Services in Primary Health Centers and Youth Centers as a means to reducing High Prevalence Rate of Teenage Pregnancy.

• Motion to Declare a State of Emergency on Education in Nigeria

• Motion to Create a Youth Investment Fund (which saw the light of the day and the President approved with the sum of 75bn budgeted).

• Agitations for a reformation in our Policing System via joining other well meaning Youths to demand an end to SARS oppression and brutality.

• Dialogues with NPF on insecurity challenges facing our country.

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Dialogues with relevant Governmental Agencies to empower and create employment opportunities for young people.

Participated in Public Hearing of Constitutional Review organized by the Senate.

• Organized Youth Town-Hall meeting in my immediate Constituency (a first of its kind in recent times).

• Facilitated employment and empowerment opportunities for youths/ constituents.

• Good representation at the floor of the house and during oversight functions.

• Organised a Four (4) day Youth Summit which comprises of youth across the state.

The four (4) days youth summit which started with a medical outreach on the 9th June, 2021 at Olomi Community Market, Oluyole Local Government Area, where over 150 market women and men were attended to in sugar test,blood test, urine test, etc.

The second phase of the medical outreach continue the second day of the Summit at Akanran health center where 15 hernia surgery was successful done free of charge. Thereafter, had the inter secondary school spelling bee competition where U.I International came first and the panel discussion.

At the third day of the Summit, we had the inter-local Government football competition where Akinyele local government came first, and thereafter had a vocational training session where participants were thought make-over, auto gele, tie and die, cinematography and photography.

The beauty pageant, award and dinner night came the fourth day.

Despite the Lockdown and seizure of activities caused by the Pandemic, which wasted more than 10months, the few aforementioned amongst others were achieved individually and collectively as a Parliament over the span of two years without any statutory salary/stipends from both the state and the federal government.

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With the teaming support of the millions of Nigerian desirous of change and hardwork by all of us, the APC shall form the next government of this pace setter state.

I have therefore, decided that I will, along with other respected leaders of our party, seek nomination as a candidate of the APC to contest the State House of Assembly Member to dutifully represent Oluyole State Constituency in the coming 2023 general election.

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