Advocacy For Peaceful Election Come "Feb 16, 2019" -  Hon. Olufemi Adeyemi

Nigerian Youth Parliament 4th session member, Representing Oyo Central Senatorial District, Hon. Olufemi Adeyemi, has talked about advocates for peaceful Election

Honourable Olufemi Adeyemi, a member of Nigerian Youth Parliament, comes out for Nigerian youths with lots of useful advices for peaceful elections. Stated below:

“I humbly wish to talk to my fellow youth (Oyo Central Senatorial District in particular) in advocating for a peaceful election and atmosphere”

I humbly wish to commend the political maturity, and respect for each other decision in this outgoing campaign and mobilisation of people, there have not been any case of political party attack.

My wish and prayer is for us to maintain a perfect peaceful electioneering process, As the INEC has declared to Nigerians the election time-table, NASS, and Presidential election coming up this Saturday Feb 16.


  • Buhari’s child Zara is developing her future and Career. Remember all his children studied in UK
  • Jonathan’s Children have been moved to London for studies and residence while developing their career and living In Affluence.
  • Atiku Abubakar’s Children are abroad schooling and living in Affluence.
  • Tinubu’s Children are abroad schooling and living in Affluence.

They are all developing and investing in their children to continue to rule us after they are gone.

Don’t be a Jobless and ‘LAZY‘ graduate wearing APC, PDP, ADC and others Customized Vest and Polo, Chanting “Change” holding Brooms, and carrying Umbrellas chanting “Transformation/Restructuring” Killing yourself, fermenting trouble and Constituting nuisance to the Society because of Peanuts that can’t make you a better person.

They Know If you have a good Job, they can’t use you as a thug / Propagandists.

If Buhari will not bring all his Children to the street for campaign and Atiku will not bring his Children and Blood Brothers to the Street for Campaign, then you are a disgrace to your family If you don’t stop political thuggery, political fighting, political bloodshed in masquerading yourself as PDP, ADC and APC agents.

Up till now, I have never seen Buhari’s Children, Atiku’s children, Saraki’s children and Jonathan’s children on the Street wearing APC vest and holding Brooms, neither have I seen Jonathan’s and Atiku’s children carrying the PDP Umbrella even On social media let alone on the street.

Everyone is a political animal

Therefore, I’m not saying being a politician or having an interest in a particular candidate is bad (as I am one too).

However, “Politics is a game and must be neatly played” without bloodshed (No candidate deserves the precious life of our youth).

Don’t ever fight with all weapons

When you disagree with a friend or have to part ways in a hostile manner, for any reason at all, don’t ever dig his grave too deep.

Do not denigrate him recklessly. Exercise caution over your emotions and restraints over your tongue. Perhaps you may reunite again.

Words uttered are irrevocable; and recanting your words rarely fully control the damages already done.

Some of your audience only hear the word – go, they turn deaf to your subsequent scream of come-back.

See how Obasanjo is trying strenuously to mend Atiku’s reputation after he murdered his former vice, verbally, with all those unprintable words he has said and ‘printed’ for over a decade.

Should he ever have been that spiteful to utter those words?

And Oh ye, of little tolerance who have taken this elections issue personal by abusing people; spewing vulgar, uncouth and hate languages at others of different persuasion; what hath thine stand to gain from that?



Buhari, Atiku, Jonathan, Tinubu, Saraki, and Obasanjo are used in this my text because they are the most popular candidates and politicians that could be best used.

However any candidate that can’t bring his/her family members (whom will directly enjoy his/her wealth if emerged) in politics deserves our fights,discrimination, not to talk of shedding the precious blood of the commoners.

ABEOKUTA POLITICAL VIOLENCE: Time For Politicians And Thugs To Ponder -RIFA

Listen! Among political leaders, the blood of common interest is thicker, far thicker than the water of political loyalty.

That’s why you see Omisore back in the APC today. That’s why Obanikoro is the State witness against Fayose in the Courts now.

That’s why Obasanjo tore his PDP membership card and is today leading their assault against the APC.

And that’s why Atiku would make a list of guests of honour at Buhari’s child’s wedding. And you may not.

Keep your friends, neighbors, family, you may need them one day. Neither Buhari nor Atiku would be easily accessible to you but your friends would be.

Think! And deeply too.

To whom brain is given, Sense is expected! Just Vote. No violence. Join me to spread the news. Share to all social media platforms.

Election no be war

Olufemi Adeyemi
Nigerian Youth Parliament 4th session
Representing the good and law abiding youths of Oyo Central Senatorial District.


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