Oyo Central Senatorial District Youth Town Hall Meeting held at Equilibrium Hotel, Ojongbodu Oyo organized by Hon. Femi Adeyemi. 


Build The Youth! Build the Nation! Destroy The Youth! Destroy The Nation!



Minister of Youths and Sports, Sunday Dare represented by Chief Press to Late Gov. Lam Adesina, Hon. Kehinde Olaosebikan

Oyo State Commissioner of Police represented by Assistant Commissioner of Police, Emmanuel Deebom

Oyo State Commisional of Education, Barr. Olasunkanmi represented by Mr. Tayo Oloyede

Commisioner of Youth and Sports, Oyo State, Seun Fakorede represented by Oladoja Muyiwa


Oyo State Assistant Commissioner of Police and Honourable Femi Adeyemi
Oyo State Assistant Commissioner of Police, Honourable Femi Adeyemi and Youths

Nigerian Youth Parliament Member, Hon Femi Adeyemi organised a programme titled 1st Youth Town Hall meeting which has the theme of “Let’s Jaw-jaw on Education and Insecurity rocking Oyo State“.

A programme for youths in Oyo State to look into insecurity stage in Oyo State. The seminar was held at Town Hall, Equilibrium Hotel, Ojongbodu Oyo town, Oyo State.

The insecurity rocking Oyo State it’s no more a news to everyone in the state and even in Nigeria. This programme was organised to address the Insecurity in the state and the future of Education.


Opening the floor in his introduction speech, Hon Prince Olufemi Adeyemi Member Nigerian Youth Parliament Representing Oyo Central Senatorial District encourage youth to be active and ready for interaction today as the resolution will be sent to all necessary quarters.

He furthermore educate the youth the meaning behind the youth slogan “Build the Youth, Build the Nation”, Destroy the Youth, Destroy the nation” as the youth is the pillar of all nation.

He started with the history of Nigerian Youth Parliament. The Nigerian Youth Parliament is a United Nation policy that every developing country must have a functional youth parliament so as to create a platform for the youth to contribute their quota to the development of the nation.

Also shared that Nigerian Youth Parliament have four cardinal operatives namely:

  1. National Sittings_ where Parliamentarians sit and present youthful bills and motion.
  2. Internship program- where each youth senator will have some months internship program with their elected senator.
  3. International representatiom- where Parliamentarians represent the youth in other country.
  4. Constituency Interactions- Where the constituency youth come up together to brainstorm and share ideas towards achieving/solving Challenges. That’s why we are here today to discuss the state of education and insecurity rocking Oyo State.

He mentioned some of the bills he has sponsored and co sponsored,his “Every Child must be back to school campaign through recycling” and encourage youth to be part of the campaign.

He therefore, welcome the Hon. Minister of Youth, Commissioner of Police, Commissioner for Youth and the Commissioner for education in Oyo state all duely represented to the Oyo Central Senatorial District Youth Town Hall Meeting and appreciate the students union leaders, and youth organizations present at the meeting and declear the discussion open.

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He furthermore stated that the Distinguished Senator Teslim Kolawole Folarin Representing Oyo Central Senatorial District, All Federal Reps and State honorable, all Local Government care taker chairman and other youth stakeholders were all served with invitation letters both physically and virtually. Therefore appreciate those who responded and send representatives


On Security issues and way forward

The Assistant Commissioner of Police, Emmanuel Deebom said the average crime in the state is being committed by youths. He advised youths to stay focus and refused to be used by any policitian.

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He added that Government are trying but cannot find work for everybody. The Oyo State ACP encouraged Youths to try and engage themselves in one thing or the other.

Oyo State Assistant Commissioner of Police and Honourable Femi Adeyemi
Oyo State Assistant Commissioner of Police and Honourable Femi Adeyemi

He continued, there are lots of opportunities on internet to start making a living and internet is wide enough for everyone.
ACP Emmanuel advised Youths to take things easy and not to look after someone else’s glory. He claimed competition is what engaging more youths into crimes. Youths

A student directed his question about Insecurity in Oyo State to the Commisioner of Police; He said Police are the main problem of Insecurity in the state, he claimed most of Nigerian Police would be Armed Robbers if not for Police Job with their activities and behaviour towards youths in the state and in Nigeria.

Another student accused Nigerian Police of self Insecurity, he claimed Nigerian Police cannot secure themselves not to talk of security the civilians and the nation.

Another student said this common police statement “Bail is free” and “Police is Your friend” are pure lies and tagged it the present trending slang #Lori_iro .

Oyo State Assistant Commissioner of Police, Honourable Femi Adeyemi and Youths
Oyo State Assistant Commissioner of Police, Honourable Femi Adeyemi and Youths

Mr. Michael, a personal assistant to Hon. Femi Adeyemi asked Commisioner if they have database for Youths in the state and Nigeria.

Kingstyle Couture founder, Prince Olusola Adeyemi asked what is the main reason for banning Crypto currency in Nigeria.

Femi Adeyemi advised Amotekun to work at where they are needed and not to take responsibility of Police. He said security should be the first priority of the State Governor and if government fail to do that then everybody will have to take action individually.

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Commisioner of Police in response to all questions said corruption is everywhere and that corruption can’t be directed to only Police department. Meanwhile, if a Police officer is corrupt does not mean all Police officers are corrupted.

Talking about hoodlums in Ibadan, Oyo State during End SARS protests. He mentioned how some people killed, roasted and ate Nigerian Police officers. He asked how on earth people living among us can do such a thing.

On bail is free issue, he said that’s not insecurity and it’s corruption. He skipped that question as he claimed the question is on insecurity and not corruption.

On Amotekun, he said Amotekun is not a federal establishment and they are still working together without any issues.
On youths database, he claimed there’s on going process on that to know the exact number of Youths in each State and Nigeria generally.

programme titled 1st Youth Town Hall which has the theme of "Let's Jaw-jaw on Education and Insecurity rocking Oyo State".

On Cryptocurrency banning issue, he said if the country says this is against the law, you must obey as a citizen of that country. He said only Government knows their reasons for that with some fraudulent acts on that.
He said, China started it, they banned it sometime and unbanned it again maybe Nigerian can still unban it again he can’t say.

On Insecurity, he said Police are trying their best and if you think you need extra security, there’s a way for that to get personal security.


On Education; The way forward and future of Education

Hon Femi Adeyemi asked the Commisional of Education about the future of Education in Oyo State?
The commissioner of Education represented by Mr. Oloyede O. A said there are opportunities for youths throughout the nation and every Youths and students should start attending seminars and trainings.

On the issues of education, he made reference to Commisioner of Police statement that ‘life is not a competition’.

He claimed that the first problem of Education in Nigeria is lost of focus. Youths are not focus on what they are learning in school but focus on becoming successful so fast without efforts. He advised students to have patience in life and with this government as well.

A Nigerian Youth, in contrary to what ACP Emmanuel said earlier, he claimed the this life is a competition and that’s a bitter truth

In response, Hon Olaosebikan said youths should calm down and not engage in bad things. He said he was happy when he saw Nigerian youths organised themselves to protest for what they don’t want again in End SARS protests.

Security men

He advised Youths to get themselves together and organise a political party to be in power. Hon Olaosebikan said Youths owned Nigeria and we have very intelligent youths in Nigeria to be in power.

Femi asked the students to speak out about any complain in their school.
Comrade Ridwan from Akinyele Local Government while answering the question said Oyo State students haven’t seen any impact of Government since Covid-19 Pandemic.

He further said whenever any damages occur to any school properties even if it’s just bulb. The management of the school will force all students of over 5000 to pay atleast N1000 to N2000 each and he wants proper monitoring from the Government to know where all those money are going to.

While rounding up, Hon. Femi Adeyemi encourage Youths to join political parties for them to have opportunity to be in power. He claimed some Youths are already in power but more Youths are needed in power.


An address delivered by the honourable Commissioner for Youth and Sports, Mr. Seun Fakorede.

“I feel highly delighted and honoured to be among youth this morning at this programme titled 1st Youth Town Hall which has the theme of “Let’s Jaw-jaw on Education and Insecurity rocking Oyo State”.

It is globally acknowledged that the youth are the pillar upon which the greatness and economic advancement of any nation is built.

Any nation that fails to adequately inform, plan and nurture our youth does so at its own peril. Youth, therefore, because of their precarious nature need to be guided and monitored in order to forestall unnecessary derailment.



However, what we are witnessing here today is a testimony to the importance the government and other stakeholders attached to the youth and the vital role they play in nation building.

It is my believe that this programme is important because of alarming rate of evil perpetration ranging from kidnapping, rapping, armed robbery among others in order for the youth to brainstorm for possible solutions.

The continuous effort of the present administration under the able leadership of the Executive Governor of Oyo State, His Excellency, Engr. Seyi Makinde cannot be over emphasized in the unflinching prioritization of security in the state.

This is evident in the institutionalization of a security network named “Amotekun” in Oyo State where a substantial amount has been earmarked to enhance and fortify security at the books and crannies of Oyo State.

Let me say to the organizer that this programme is timely especially now that the state is in secured because of unpalatable happenings here and there.

And it is hightimes that all and sundry needed to wake up from slumber especially the youth of this State to deliver us from this unrest.

Before I conclude, I wish to enjoin the vibrant youths of Oyo State to reciprocate the kind gesture of the Government by being law abiding and support the present administration towards the emancipation of our youth as they are being projected to a higher parlance.

At this juncture, on behalf of Oyo State Government, I wish you a happy interaction and fruitful deliberations.”

The occasion was graced by Hon. Adepoju Aliu Leader and other student leaders.