NYP Condemns The Burning Of Igboho House & Insecurity In Oyo (Video)

Nigerian Youth Parliament Condemns The Burning Of Igboho House & Insecurity In Oyo State (Video)


Nigerian Youth Parliament Condemns The Burning Of Igboho House & Insecurity In Oyo State (Video)

Nigeria Youth Parliament Member, Hon. Femi Adeyemi has condemned the burning of Yoruba activist, Chief Sunday Igboho’s house and insecurity in Oyo State. 

Following the rumors that was spread in the air about Chief Sunday Igboho’s burnt villa which is located at Soka area in Ibadan…. The Nigerian Youth Parliament lead by Honorable Olufemi Adeyemi the Member Representing Oyo Central Senatorial District and Chairman of the Oyo State Caucus NYP with his Media Aides was there to solicit with the True son of the land.
Chief Sunday Igboho’s residence was heavily guided by the civilians of this land and also a lot of well wishers and delegates was their to pray and solidarize with him and also see to it that Our Yoruba Warrior is doing well and he’s in an excellent mental and physical health.

While at the burnt house, Wiseloaded Media Aides interviewed both men and women and also captured the burnt rooms in the house with the gun holes the hoodlums dazzled on the door to gain entrance. Reports from them showed it was a bitter experience and one they wished not to witness again.

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The hoodlums came with rifles and fully prepared to burn down the whole house but all thanks to God that their mission was aborted and not successful before they took to their heels.

We then later interviewed the Chairman to the Nigerian Youth Parliament Oyo State Caucus, Honorable Olufemi Adeyemi and he expressed his unhappiness about the insecurity looming around in the state.

He made mention of the level of sadness and insecurity in Oyo State, the bitterness at how individuals are no longer safe in a city that has a government and security from all forces reckoned with the Nigerian Government.

He made mention of the recent kidnappings taking place all over our country and the targets always being very important citizens.

He also prioritize the need for a mental liberation for all our youths, to be ready for war although he said war was not chilled beer with soup, but we cannot be intimidated in our own land and not stand up for our right just because we don’t want war!

He concluded by saying All our youths should stand in unity and also stand for anyone that does anything for the betterment of the society and not their pockets! He also made mention that every individual has a right to defend his nation! And that’s the mental liberation we all need!

The mothers present at the time of the interview also exercised their support both in words and actions saying The Government should reverse the arrest order on Chief Sunday Igboho, that nothing must happen to him else their will be a war in The Odua Land, and the whole Youths present at the time also Roared in Unison.



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