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Hon. Femi Adeyemi
Hon. Femi Adeyemi

I want to sincerely congratulate leader of leaders, a dogged fighter, a master planner, a human builder, and a divine leader in the just concluded APC Presidential Primaries for his magnificent victory.

There is no doubt Asiwaju BAT will be magnanimous in victory. And all BAT supporters must imbibe the spirit to unite the house (APC) has a divided house can’t stand the test of time.
Anyone that really want Asiwaju success in the general election by now should and must sheathe the sword as a matter of urgency.

There are stages in achieving BAT 2023
We just passed one. Let the past remain in the past. The present winning to BAT is a win win to the likes of President Buhari, PYO, Aregbesola and all stakeholders either happy with it or not. Asiwaju winning is never by miracle but a prove of capacity and divine mandate.

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The next and present stage is Reconciliation. It’s one of the abilities of a good leader to know how to reconcile with fellow sportsmanship. We believe in His Excellency Asiwaju Bola Tinubu sportsmanship capacity to reconcile with necessary bodies and individuals that is willing and ready for geniue reconciliation.

Hon Femi Adeyemi Congratulates Tinubu On Winning APC Presidential Ticket

May I on this note, remind and challenge dear Asiwaju and the leadership of the party APC to look into abnormalities and no primary election conducted cases (A case study of Oluyole State Constituency primary election) in the just concluded primary exercise as this is the last minute to do that to avoid any form of litigation that may malign the success of 2023.


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Hon Femi Adeyemi
Aspirant State House of Assembly, Oluyole State Constituency.