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Arise and Shine Nursery and Primary School, Asaba, Delta state

A year old boy who died recently in Asaba due to heavy beating from his teacher who now denied the allegations that the child did because he flog him.

While the accused was being questioned by the police he explained that there must be other hidden issue that killed the boy that iy was not because he punished the boy.

Emeka Nwogbo, a teacher at Arise and Shine Nursery and Primary School, Asaba, Delta state, has denied allegation that he beats a 19-month-old child, Obinna Udeze to death.

The incident happened at Arise and Shine Nursery and Primary School, Asaba, Delta state.

Mr Emeka Nwogbo denied killing obinna Udeze who was 19 months old who he lashed 34 strokes of cane because he said he pushed his fellow students and the other students hit his head on the wall.

In his words he said;

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 “I did not cane the child to death, I flogged him as I’m supposed to flog a child. I flogged him as little as I can, I did not kill the child. I am not responsible for his death. They should go and check this thing very well. I flogged the child because he pushed another child and hit the other child’s head.”

Ari Muhammed Ali who is the state police command said a post mortem will be conducted to determine the cause of death of the deceased child because of the claim of the teacher.

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The police command said;

 “Post mortem examination will be carried out, to ascertain at least the cause of death.”

The little boy died on 12th of February after his teacher flogged him 31 strokes of cane for playing with water on Monday and he was hospitalized after that before he later for at federal medical center Asaba.

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