Three Suspected Armed Robbers Burnt To Death In Delta State

According to the old adage that says everyday is for the thief and one day for owner as three thief’s were caught trying to reap where they didn’t plant.

This robbers were caught along isiokolo road in Delta where they were trying to break in into a boutique.

One of the robber who is the gang of the armed group is an indigene of the community where they wanted to perform their illegal operation.

He confessed that his mother is the pillar behind him and she supported his crime and she usually prepare chayms for them before embarking on his mission.

This group of robbers already committed some crime, one of it was stolen DJ equipment worth millions of naira.

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The people of the community have been looking for a way to caught this group of Armed Robbers before the finally caught them red-handed.

One of the people that witness the incident explained that;

 “Them don da thief since but nah today them catch them so. Them first thief one dj full instruments oohh, so today nah one boutique for the junction them wan go thief nah them catch them.

“The ofuoma boy say nah he mama da do jazz for them if them wan go rob. The ofuoma boy so two girls get belle for am.”

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