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Zubby Michael Counters Timini Egbuson

Zubby Michael Claims Title of Biggest African Actor, Countering Timini Egbuson.


Nollywood luminary Zubby Michael recently took to task his colleague, Timini Egbuson, disputing Egbuson’s assertion of being the preeminent actor in Africa.

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Their spirited exchange unfolded during the inaugural episode of the Prime Video original reality series, ‘Ebuka Turns Up Africa,’ as the two debated their standing in the African acting scene.

During a moment of gift-giving among the show’s stars, Egbuson boldly declared himself as the foremost actor hailing from Africa, a statement that stirred dissent from Michael.

Asserting his position, Michael remarked, “I’ve been in this industry for over 13 years, accumulating accolades and experiences that affirm my status as the paramount actor in Africa.”

Expressing his disagreement with Egbuson’s claim, Michael added, “With all due respect, I beg to differ. I’ve transcended boundaries, dominating not just the Lekki scene but also capturing audiences across various platforms including YouTube, DVDs, and cinemas.”

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Egbuson, however, challenged Michael’s stance by pointing out the perceived monotony in his roles. “You portray the same character in every movie,” he remarked.

Unfazed, Michael maintained his position, insisting, “My assertion isn’t rooted in arrogance, but in undeniable facts. I have the influence and reach to surpass Timini’s presence.”

The exchange reached a crescendo when Michael provocatively suggested, “I could even purchase Timini.”

In response, a visibly incensed Egbuson rebuked Michael, highlighting that his judgment lacked depth and understanding of Egbuson’s own career.

The debate underscores the competitive nature of the entertainment industry and the fervent ambition that drives its luminaries.

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