Cesc Fabregas Returns To Arsenal

Cesc Fabregas Critiques Manchester United’s Tactical Direction Under Erik ten Hag.


Former Premier League star Cesc Fabregas has voiced his concerns about Manchester United’s current manager, Erik ten Hag, questioning his tactical approach and the team’s lack of clear structure.

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Fabregas, who notably played for Chelsea and Arsenal, suggests that under former manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Manchester United had a defined game plan, but that seems to be missing under Ten Hag’s leadership.

Ten Hag had an impressive debut season at Old Trafford, joining the club in the summer of 2022.

Despite facing challenges like Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure mid-season, Ten Hag successfully ended Manchester United’s six-year trophy drought by clinching the EFL Cup.

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Under Ten Hag’s guidance, Manchester United also reached the FA Cup final, narrowly losing to rivals Manchester City, and secured a third-place finish to secure their return to the UEFA Champions League.

However, the current season has seen Manchester United struggle to replicate that success.

“I don’t understand his tactical approach. It’s unclear if there’s a structured game plan or a clear message,” Fabregas commented on the Planet Premier League podcast.

“At least with Solskjær, there was a recognizable plan – solid defense coupled with swift counterattacks.”

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