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I Will Never Forgive Noble Igwe For Insulting My Wife - Seyi Law

Seyi Law Holds Firm: Noble Igwe Must Apologize to My Wife.


Renowned Nigerian comedian Seyi Law is steadfast in his resolve never to forgive fellow entertainer Noble Igwe until an apology is extended to his wife. The comedian expressed his deep-seated grievance towards Igwe, stemming from an incident during the 2023 election campaign when Igwe referenced Seyi Law’s wife in a social media post, leading to derogatory remarks being made about her.

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In a candid discussion on the latest episode of The Honest Bunch, Seyi Law declared, “There is somebody in the entertainment industry that I will never forgive; Noble Igwe. I am saying it publicly, I will never forgive him until he apologizes to my wife because during the elections, he made a post and he put my wife’s name, and somebody under the comment called my wife an ‘osu,’ meaning an outcast.”

Expressing his vehement stance, Seyi Law emphasized, “So if Noble Igwe is listening or watching this podcast, our paths have not crossed since then. The day our paths cross, I will address Noble Igwe to the extent that the world would ask what he did wrong.”

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The comedian underscored the sanctity of family, stating, “You can offend me however you want, but the moment you involve my family—my wife and children—you cross the line into hell. And I will leave heaven for that to sit with you in hell. So, Noble Igwe, know that I am sitting and waiting patiently for you in hell.”

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