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Actor Kola Oyewo Opens Up About Sexual Health Journey Post-Prostate Surgery

Actor Kola Oyewo Opens Up About Sexual Health Journey Post-Prostate Surgery.


Renowned Nollywood actor, Kola Oyewo, recently shared his personal journey of grappling with sexual inactivity following prostate surgery, shedding light on the challenges and adjustments he faced.

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In a candid discussion captured in a trending video, Oyewo recounted his battle with prostate enlargement and its impact on his life. Joined by actor Kunle Afod and veteran Peter Fatomilola, the 77-year-old actor recounted the ordeal he endured.

Detailing his health struggles, Oyewo recalled the initial signs of difficulty in urination he experienced back in July 2019, leading to a diagnosis of prostate enlargement. Subsequent surgeries aimed at addressing the condition ultimately led to the sacrifice of his sexual function.

Sharing his perspective in the Yoruba language, Oyewo expressed, “I had an enlarged prostate but I feel better now. In 2019, I first noticed that I would easily pee on myself or find it difficult to urinate. I went to the hospital and I was told that my prostate is getting larger and I will undergo surgery.”

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Reflecting on the surgeries, he revealed, “They made an incision on my stomach and inserted what will help me pass out urine to prevent me from dying immediately. Also, I was advised to undergo another surgery that will stop my sexual performance. I told them to go ahead because I no longer need it as my children were grownups with their own kids.”

Despite the challenges posed by his health journey, Oyewo remains resilient. With a career spanning several decades, he began acting in 1964 with the Oyin Adejobi theatre group, showcasing his talent in various roles, including his debut as Adejare in ‘Orogun Adedigba’.

Beyond his acting prowess, Oyewo contributes to the cultural landscape as a performing arts lecturer at Elizade University Ilara-Mokin, in Ondo State.

Watch the insightful discussion below to learn more about Oyewo’s journey and his outlook on life post-surgery.




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