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See Protesters Reaction After FG Dissolved SARS

See Protesters Reaction After FG Dissolved SARS

Nigerian Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu has announced the dissolution of the dreaded police formation, FSARS.

There are some reactions from the Protesters following the dissolution of SARS.

Talented Nigerian singer and actor, Banky W posted the news of SARS dissolution on his Twitter page. His post read;

“Nigeria, we won. IG of Police has announced that SARS has been dissolved. But that’s only the 1st battle. The war is still on. We now need to see corrupt officers prosecuted, and wide scale police reforms. And we need sustained systemic change. This just shows what is possible.”

However, the reaction of many people in the comments section shows Nigerians are not satisfied with only dissolution of SARS. They want something more than this. Read some comments below;

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@folami_t: Make no mistake Distinguished, We want the president @MBuhari to address us on live national TV announcing the disbandment of SARS. In addition any rogue claiming to be SARS should be branded an armed robber and subject to arrest by the police.

@okedinmasunda: Do you see that Sars Police station at Charley Boy in Gbagada, they should close it down first. That should be the first step. That Police station is a den for unscrupulous criminally minded Sars. The level of impunity that is been perpetuated at that station ehn… Is alarming

#kcorji: Bank w.
We didn’t win nothing.. They’ve said this before and came back again.. Your head never still correct.. The president must come out and say it.. They’re all thieves and fraudsters

@dejain200333: Your right banky. How I wish we can take this protest to the maximum length, kicking corrupt leaders out, restore our nation back to where it was. Nigeria youths let’s start war 2

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@flawlessjude: I would have preferred if the President or Vice President gave a statement. This could be still look like the audio disbandment

@buyfastgadget: We havent won the war yet banky…there must be an executive order backing the announcement…we have heard these same things over the years…it must be duely backed up by law and the legislative council must approve.

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@Kibgsley_M_: Did we really win?
We demand justice for the victimized and their families.
these wicked personnels walking about alive need to face the law, charged for murder.

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@ujay52560913: Please banky and other voices. We have other pressing matters. No electricity. No job. No food. Unemployment. Now that we have taken that out of the picture. We have to fight for more. Please retweet this so that our kids won’t pass through what we are passing through now

@Oalota1: Did we win? What have we won? Those same SARS operatives are being moved to another division of the police and you’re saying we won? Nigerians wake up. This is not good enough

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@tellmarh: They should turn in their weapons. And those officers that have been involved in extrajudicial killings should be prosecuted

@charlycity: exactly, many of these guys are bad criminals, many were bad eggs before they joined the SARS unit.



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