The Rights and Freedom Advocates (RIFA) received with shock the disgusting statement and loath attitude of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to national progress and stability of Nigeria.

In reaction to the court affirmation of the executive order 6 on seizure of illegally acquired wealth of some wicked Nigerians who, due to their opportunity of ruling the country, illegally amazed our common wealth as their personal wealth under various false guises that the whole Nigerians are affected by the government decision, the party went berserk in attacking all Nigerians. The party’s claim that for government to be requiring people with cases not to have foreign trip and have their properties seized till their pending cases are settled is tantamount to oppressing Nigerians is embarrassing and insulting.

Is PDP telling the world that whole Nigerians are corrupt or that 50 criminal elements represent the whole Nigerians and so the whole nation should be held accountable for the sin of the few? Is PDP not telling the world that it aspires to steal more for associating with and defending the criminals? If it was not draconian to steal public fund, how then is it draconian to reclaim public wealth?
Both the PDP and the Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP) that are averse to return of our stolen wealth are crying wolf because they survive on illegality and so couldn’t endure attempt to make them return to normal life like other good Nigerians.

When the current government was installed to sanitize the system which was destroyed by the previous administration to the extent that Nigeria became a laughing stock across the world, one would expect every genuine and patriotic citizen to strive and seek to support efforts towards restoration of the lost glory.

Albeit, one who has not been involved in any shady deals has never been probed, prosecuted, jailed and so has no issue with authorities. At least, RIFA knows of its members who are never wanted for any case and so move freely like other good Nigerians with unblemished records.

But why would PDP be opposing any step to recover stolen Nigeria assets and wealth if not a certification of the unpatriotic and condemnable disservice to one’s nation by those assigned and trusted with national treasury but suddenly betrayed the trust? When PDP members were stealing public wealth and amazed the stolen wealth, did they release any press statement on how the nation was being looted? If not why crying wolf when justice was to be served? No political leader or religious leader desirous of promoting and developing Nigeria has been involved in any financial mess. And those religious dealers and political marauders should be allowed to return the loot.

As they have fundamental human rights so did the other Nigerians who have suffered as a result of the loot deserve to have their right protected by punishing the looters. Therefore, those who stole even if under the guise of religion should be made to refund the stolen fund as other Nigerians are entitled to national wealth and not only the few self-centred criminals.

In other clime such as China, PDP leaders making vindictive release because they are to account for stolen national wealth would have been cooling their heads in the grave if not prison not to talk of having opportunity to make disgusting and perfidious press release. In fact, a worthy political party would not have associated with its bad elements but rather disown them when accused of disingenuous acts.

At least we have seen in Nigeria where a ruling party has its members jailed and those promoting it are not spared from the harmer of justice. But the amazed PDP release further entrenches its belief in promoting moral decadence and fraudulent practice. Being party members should not becloud true nationalists from condemning anti-state posture of the few.

RIFA asserts that if PDP has no plan of saving Nigeria from quagmire it has subjected it, it should not prevent other patriotic Nigerians from saving the nation.

Soliu Luqman
Rights and Freedom Advocates

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