Some national dailies and online media reported recently that the Founder and Presiding Pastor of Living Faith Church; Bishop David Oyedepo advised President Muhammad Buhari to resign over insurgency and insecurity in the Country. Ideally, the nation insecurity is a concern to well-meaning Nigerians and the international community. And being a patriotic citizen, President Muhammad Buhari has been trying his best to stem the tide of insecurity which some people including Bishop Oyedepo had once silent about when Goodluck Jonathan was the Presidency by not condemning the wanton destruction of lives and properties then. He was even alleged once to have said whoever failed to vote Goodluck Jonathan should go to hell in spite of glaring mediocrity and incompetence.

Despite the frequent loss of lives and properties to insurgency across the nation especially by the dreaded Boko Haram group, there was no time the Bishop called on Jonathan to resign once the regular kickbacks enter the appropriate purse. A lot have been seen, heard and read about some of the accused people in the diversion of security votes for protection of citizens’ lives and properties during Goodluck Jonathan presidency who allegedly diverted part of the loot to Winners Chapel which was never a bad idea to the Bishop.

However, we understand that the hitherto sleaze has since ceased to flow into the church because a new Sheriff is in charge of Nigeria progress which might have greatly affected the usual and regular loot pipe of some Nigerians. So,this may be the Bishop plight and ground of call to the President to get out of office for the business as usual to continue. May God forbid retrogression of Nigeria!
President Buhari recently ordered military aircraft to be imported from the United States of America (USA) and some people especially at the National Assembly kicked against it. Even the 2018 budget was later padded after seven (7) months the budget spent with the National Assembly during which the nation security would have been grounded if not the ingenuity of the President. If truly our Bishop is concerned about Nigeria, why didn’t he voice out against the legislature recklessness and perversion of attempts to rescue Nigeria from insecurity?

Despite the hitherto near-daily bombing of Nigeria during Goodluck Jonathan regime which Bishop Oyedepo never condemned nor requested Goodluck Jonathan to resign even in the face of plain diversion of the fund meant to prosecute anti-insurgency war, we find it difficult to learn that the Bishop was requesting a President that has stalled the sad experience to resign. Is Oyedepo interested in the sad experience to continue? The stigmatization of the Fulani tribe by some misguided citizens because the President is Fulani is also perfidious because no one attributes Goodluck Jonathan or other former president tribes to the criminal actions of the few in their tribe even despite the horrendous actions of the Niger Delta militants neither were they described by their religion.

Besides, many members of the Church contribute to the progress of the Church and despite many brilliant members of the Church till date Bishop Oyedepo has not deemed it fit to resign and handover to one of them after many decades of leading the Church? Is Oyedepo telling the world no one in his Church is qualified enough to head the Church apart from him? As Oyedepo has advised President Buhari to resign, he should lead by example.

Luqman Soliu
Rights and Freedom Advocates (RIFA)

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