Hijab Judgement - RIFA Laud Supreme Court, Caution Extremists

The fundamental human right of hijab users in Lagos public schools and by extension, Nigeria was affirmed by the Supreme Court of Nigeria today; 17 June 2022.

The judgement was not only a landmark judgment but affirmation that the real peace-lovers in Nigeria are those who
tow the path of peace, law and orderliness as against hate-breeders,
oppressors and nude enthusiasts who have no blood of fairness and
freedom for others except oppression.

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The students, parents and defenders of the oppressed hijab users have won and they deserve the greatest applause for their sacrifice.

The struggle for enthronement of female Muslim students’ right to use hijab in Lagos public schools started during the regime of Mr
Babatunde Fashola SAN when Miss Asiyat Abdulkareem and Mariam Oyeniyi of Atunrashe Junior High School Surulere, Lagos led the struggle by suing Lagos government through their parents.

The then Governor Fashola could have won the honour the Supreme Court got today but he decided to play along with the oppressors by not approving hijab for the willing students.

This was after series of extremist attacks by some Christian fanatics in public service led by one Mrs E.C Ukpaka; the erstwhile principal of Kadara Junior High School, Ebutte Metta who in her characteristic cruel nature of terrorist disposition flogged
Aisha Alabi; a 16-year old JS II student of the school 43 strokes of cane just for deciding not to join Mrs Ukpaka and colleagues in nudity competition by using hijab.

Mrs Ukpaka action was provocative that might have received serious
communal clash if happened to her or her colleagues in a public school as her group would have called for heaven to fall.

Nonetheless, the extremist was left untouched by the peace-ambassadors so as not to join the impostors whose main agenda is to force anyone to join them or forget education, job, marriage and or accommodation.

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That is the approach most of them adopt till date. However, the students and their parents decided to teach the extremist Principal and her colleagues good lesson and maturity by approaching court.

The case went through Lagos High Court, Court of Appeal, Lagos Division and lastly, to the Supreme Court where the case of victimization of hijab users was wisely and patriotically decided that it is ultra vires for anyone to disturb others from using hijab once it is not imposed on the extremists attacking hijab users.

With the Supreme Court judgment, Rights and Freedom Advocates (RIFA) laud the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court Justices for upholding the Constitution against the oppression which some fanatics have imposed
on the Nation for long.

This is liberation for the oppressed and a warning to oppressors that oppression cannot last forever. Those whose action is to disregard court pronouncement as displayed in Kwara State in February 2022 where Mr Idris Habeeb was killed over hijab protest
and all the security agencies in the State are yet to bring anyone to book which would not have been the case if such was done to his killers who are known for crocodile tears using media, are hereby warned to respect the law and the judgment or face the full wrath of the law.

RIFA call on all authorities in Nigeria who have been brainwashed to hate hijab users to stop such orientation or relocate to another land.

All security agencies and authorities should henceforth discipline appropriately all other fanatics who may want to prove they are above the law. Other Courts where similar issue is being contested are urged not to waste their time again but declare hijab inalienable right of any willing human being.

All victims of hijab anywhere again in Nigeria should promptly contact their leaders in their societies for appropriate action.

Nigeria Immigration Service and other public agencies where extremists still demand removal of hijab should direct their staff to respect the law or resign their appointment if they can’t do without hating hijab users.

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All leaders in every society are urged to report attack on hijab users to appropriate authorities and take necessary action. Henceforth, anyone that attack hijab users in any part of Nigeria should be seen and treated as criminal. All public schools; local, State or Federal Government owned, are bound by this judgment and should comply without further delay by allowing willing students to use approved hijab on their School uniforms.

Similarly, anyone that attack hijab users henceforth should be known as enemy of State and agents of darkness and prosecuted individually. RIFA urge
those cowards such as governors and administrators who fail to publicly support hijab usage to have a change of heart and know that truth will always prevail over falsehood and that those they fear to support hijab are always for their downfall.

The current political betrayal alone is a serious warning to those cowards that those they distance themselves from are the real patriots that can save them in time of need and not those they labour to satisfy at all cost who would still strive for their downfall.

To hijab haters, if no one forces hijab on you as you want to force nudity on others, what is your headache if not pure extremism?

Luqman Soliu
Rights and Freedom Advocates (RIFA)