Coronavirus: Why China Owes The World An Explanation

The whole world really needs some explanations from China about this situation of Coronavirus.


It’s no more a news that this deadly coronavirus also known as Covid-19 came from China in Asia continent.

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As at this moment, the stats of the number of COVID-19 cases across the world shows (in a glance) the below results since the outbreak of this deadly pandemic.

Coronavirus: Why China Owes The World An Explanation
Top 7 affected countries

In brief, US recorded 185,270 cases with 6,347 recoveries and 3780 death. Italy has 105,792 cases, 15,729 recoveries with most death cases of 12,428.

However, we noticed that China had 81,518 cases and 76,052 recoveries 92.5% rate.

Initially, it started in China as they gave the world this virus and now has the highest recovery rate.
If we look at this deeply, it’s either China has a cure or vaccine that they are not sharing with the world. Or China may be lying about the true numbers, maybe lying about the true purpose and intention of this virus unleashed on the world.
Meanwhile, some countries like Spain and Czech Republic had recently lamented that China sold fake testing kits to them.
In another way, the earliest clusters outside China was Japan, Thailand, South Korea. Today, Japan has 1600 cases with 400 recoveries. Thailand has 1300 cases with 97 recoveries. And they were the first countries affected outside China.

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It seems there are a lot to this and they owes everyone in the world an explanation.

Another thing we didn’t notice is how  this virus missed the most important cities in terms of economy and trade for China, Shanghai and Beijing.

Milan in Italy was hit. London, Lagos, Abuja, Paris, New York City was hit hard. Only China’s best cities escaped.

This coronavirus has ruined many things all over the world but China is smiling now. Something is fishy.

All these will soon comes to an end and we are going to have enough time investigate this and allow China to answer some questions.

The whole world has already learned some lessons from current situation. May God help us all.

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