"Alcohol Got Me Paralyzed Twice" - Pastor Giwa

The leader of awaiting the second coming of Christ Ministry, Pastor Adewale Giwa explained his journey during the time he was still taking Alcohol.

He said this when he was addressing his church members, letting them know that taking alcohol is dangerous to ones health.

Pastor Giwa address everyone who derived pleasure in drinking Alcohol to stop it because it almost paralyzed him..

He address the case of alcohol in Akure on Sunday February 20, 2022 “Before I became a pastor, I almost lost my life to alcohol.” 

The pastor explained his journey;

“Alcohol got me paralyzed twice and no one was there to help me in a foreign land.

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“The last experience I had was when I got paralyzed the last time and God told me, ‘do you think you can find comfort in alcohol’?

“I cried to God and I told Him to give me another opportunity. That was the day I stopped drinking alcohol.

“Only the devil will encourage you to drink alcohol because it is for the dieing and for those in bitter distress. Alcohol is meant for those who are perishing, according to Proverbs 31:6.

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“Some people may tell you that since you don’t abuse it, there is nothing wrong with taking a bottle of beer. This is a lie from the pit of hell…

“As much as you taste alcohol, it becomes something that controls you. Something that controls you can lead you anywhere.”

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