"Do You Know People Expect To Divorce Before They Marry?" Pastor David Ibiyeomie

The salvation Ministry leader, Pastor David Ibiyeomie has explain his own points if view on the causes failure in marriage this days.

He said there’s high rate of divorce all over the word because of their mind set before they enter into Marriage in the first place.

When talking to the congregation during the sermon at the church headquarters which is located in port Harcourt.

The man of God further explain that the negatives mind set some people before Marriage make things go wrong for them when they finally enter the Marriage.

He now plead to the members of his church to cherish marriage and have the mindset of together forever not expecting divorce in their Marriage.

In his words he said;

“They say that in every marriage there must be trouble and if you ask them why they say when we marry, we would expect.

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“Do you know people expect to divorce before they marry? they will say “if it doesn’t work then I will walk away”. So, from the beginning of the marriage failure has started because the expectation was wrong.

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“Look, I am going in, if it doesn’t work then I’ll step out”. I can tell you that you will divorce because from the beginning you have a faulty expectation. Why must you expect that you will pack out?

“When you have a strong expectation, you won’t be confused by anything, you’re sure that this thing must happen”.


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