Rape, Pastors And The Church - Akinyele Solchild

Rape, Pastors And The Church – Nigerian Strategist, Super Brand Developer and Entertainment/Social Analyst, Akinyele Solchild has released an article on Rape, Pastors and The Church.

Akinyele Solchild inspired from the trending rape issue between Busola Dakolo and Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of Coza church to bring up this article, stated below;

As at the moment I started typing this article, I already have about 20+ people that are anticipating my view and I hope I will do justice to it. Many people have spoken brilliantly and I just might love to add my own little that I feel is missing out to it. Not to discuss the Rape, Pastors and the Church but to speak on how we can end this menace once if possible not have to deal with it again soonest.

Before we go further I will like to state this opinion and I will be glad to debate with your favorite pastors and born again brethren and sisters. We don’t practice Christianity as a religion in Nigeria but Christianity as an Organization rather. Ninety percent of our supposedly holy houses are not operating on Christ-like ethics instead business ethics.

That being stated I won’t speak to religion, spirituality, body of Christ, Holy Spirit or a church but I will write as a human and this excludes any respect for God/Spiritual for just this one. I hope God sees my true intention and won’t count this as sin. in any case he does I would hope he start his judgments from the church that is supposedly meant to represent him and its conducts.

An ex-cultist turned preacher, don’t we expect too much from people? We assume a lot  or just hold on to some type of beliefs even when it doesn’t speak to common sense just because of a certain narrative that was sold to us and we are gullible enough to buy into it without discerning or give it a second thought, because of our selfish expectations (benefits) and unpleasant reality.

So that is why we have people defending an alleged predator and also why the predators have an alibi to hide under and perpetuate their evils.

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I want to beg  God to do little more for humanity by striking down people impersonating him, hiding  under his grace to perpetrate evils, create a measure to judge them faster so we can save what is rest of humanity and the stress of dealing and living with these evil doers and this is because not many of us have the gift to know who God has called and If the person is truly anointed to do his job and if the person is sincere to the call and not out there for personal gains like it looks like for many of our pastors on earth.

In other words, this is me calling God out to act better, these people are doing more harms than good to humanity and it’s steadily destroying humanity by the minute.

If not we might need to result to boycotting God and his works on earth. Because I am not saying he does favour these culprits but the end product looks like they get away with too much. Bros G we beg you to act better or leave us and let us deal with our problems our way, allow us stone people with bigger sins than ours regardless if we are sinners or not. Allow us to judge them on earth to heal the wounds they are inflicting on humanity on earth for earth-sake.

Also we should stop saying let the body of Christ do something about the atrocities that exist in the church, c’mon guys isn’t it obvious that majority of these men of God have hidden secrets that is known to most of their colleagues and circle that won’t allow them do us the help unless we as people emancipate ourselves from the mental slavery that they’ve put us in.

Christianity isn’t bigger than humanity, however, I will say Christianity depends on Humanity to thrive, we will never successful justify the need for spirituality/religion if we failed to first protect humanity. So if humans can’t be human they cannot be good Christians. Being a good Christians means you show love to humans and you don’t hurt what you love (This is Humanity), respect the law of the land and do everything to keep it (This is Humanity). Even Jesus we are obliged to follow his footsteps did that while on earth, he advised us to give what belongs to Ceaser to Ceaser and what belongs to God to God.

Large numbers of us were brought up to reverend men of God, elders and people in authority and this status quo has been used to deprive us when it’s time to call people out old or young, mighty or benefactors when they have questionable behaviour.

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