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"I Will Soon Buy Oyedepo Another Aircraft" - Pastor Enenche

Pastor Paul Enenche who is the founder of Dunamis international Gospel Central has promised that he will soon buy another aircraft for his mentor.

The man of God who show interest in adding another aircraft to the of Bishop Oyedepo had before said he is saving up so as to get it.

He stated that bishop Oyedepo deserve the aircraft during his preaching of of the churches at Glory Dome, Abuja.

In his words he said;

“I want to live a Kingdom-first lifestyle, start now! I want to be a major giver in the Kingdom, don’t wait! I believe that one day, I will buy my father in the Lord (Oyedepo), an aircraft.

“I’m trusting God for that, not that he can’t buy for himself, but this is just to add to what you have Sir, but before I reach that level, when he bought this current aircraft many years ago, I went to him with an offering; I said, This is for aircraft’s tyre.

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“I think the number one importer of vehicles in this country, billionaire, top of the range, is an unashamed Bible carrying believer who holds his big Bible into his board meetings.

"A Man Stole My Money And Hid It With The Anointing Oil I Had Blessed" - Bishop Oyedepo

“One of the days, he was on the street preaching in Lagos on the road with megaphone – comfortable billions. The number one in fertilizer in this Country, both manufacturer and importation; heavy Bible believing Christian, unashamed, public identity, comfortable billions,” he said.

He also explained further that he is saving money to buy the aircraft;

“The meaning of it is; if I had enough money to buy the aircraft, I could have bought it but, since I cannot buy it now, at least this money is equivalent to the tyre – plenty money because every part of the elephant is big.

“Before you build a whole church; buy one block, buy a door. Before you organise a whole crusade, the crusade costs a hundred million or whatever it cost: say this is one million, this is a hundred thousand, this can fix one bulb on the crusade ground and let God see that if you have plenty, you will do plenty,”


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