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"Don't Blame Filmmaker Over Money Rituals Issue" - Mr Latin Amusan

The issue of killing people for money in which some teenagers are putting their head in this days which some of them blame their evil act on Nollywood that they learn their way from it.

This make the president of Theatre Arts and Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria (TAMPAN) to speak on the issue on ground.

Mr Latin explained that bad parenting and government should be blame for the way money Rituals increase day by day in the society.

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He stated that money Rituals in Nollywood movie always end with consequences which shows that doing ritual for money is very bad.

He explained further that their films only teach good things and not the other way around.

In his words he said;

“Those who are pointing accusing fingers at us, that’s their own thinking. I have never seen a movie that anybody will do rituals without consequences. And our movies are being categorized 15, 18, PG.
“If it is categorised as 15, it means if you are not older than 15 you can’t watch it. If it is 18, it means if you are not older than 18, you can’t watch it.

“Can you say it is because American actors are shooting in their movie that’s why crimes are rampant in America? No. It is the society, parents and government.

“They have neglected a lot of things. Some parents are not even taking care of their children. A 17-year-old will come home with a car and the parents will not ask him where he gets the car from.

“You watch a movie halfway and you are telling us it is those people that are celebrating crimes.

“While don’t you watch the movie to the end to know what happened to the person who played the role?

“This is an era of social media and definitely we have to play our roles as the mirror of the society to correct what’s wrong and live a very worthy life worthy of emulation,”

Mr Amusan promised that  the film industry will continue to promote and encourage good things in their movie and be a good role model.