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Verydarkman Not Arrested – Police

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Verydarkman Not Arrested, Only Invited for Questioning – FCT Police Command.


The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Police Command has refuted widespread reports claiming that popular Nigerian social media influencer, Martins Vincent Otse, better known by his online moniker Verydarkman (VDM), was arrested. These reports, which began circulating on Sunday, suggested that VDM had been taken into custody by the Nigerian Police for allegedly uncovering a criminal act.

In a bid to set the record straight, the Police Public Relations Officer of the FCT Command, SP Josephine Adeh, addressed the media to clarify the situation. SP Adeh explained that Verydarkman was not arrested, but rather invited for questioning. She emphasized that the influencer was never detained, contradicting the earlier reports.

According to SP Adeh, VDM’s invitation was in response to allegations of cyberstalking, cyberbullying, and defamation of character. These allegations were brought forth by an individual who felt aggrieved by VDM’s online activities. The police spokeswoman elaborated that the invitation was a standard procedure aimed at ensuring both sides of the story were heard and investigated properly.

“Martins Vincent Otse, also known as Verydarkman, was invited to provide a statement regarding the allegations of cyberstalking, cyberbullying, and defamation,” SP Adeh said. “He cooperated with the police, provided his statement, and was subsequently released. At no point was he arrested or detained.”

The FCT Police Command’s swift clarification aims to dispel any misunderstandings and reassure the public about the due process being followed in handling the allegations against VDM. The Command reiterated its commitment to maintaining transparency and fairness in its operations, ensuring that justice is served without prejudice.

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This incident has sparked significant discussion on social media, with many of VDM’s followers expressing their support and calling for a thorough and impartial investigation. The influencer, known for his outspoken and often controversial views on social issues, has garnered a substantial following online, making any news about him a topic of widespread interest.

As the investigation continues, the FCT Police Command has urged the public to refrain from spreading unverified information and to rely on official channels for updates. They also called for patience, assuring that the matter will be resolved in accordance with the law.

This episode serves as a reminder of the influence and responsibility that comes with a large social media presence. It also highlights the importance of accurate reporting and the potential consequences of misinformation in the digital age. Verydarkman’s case is a testament to the complexities that can arise when online behavior intersects with legal frameworks.

In conclusion, while Verydarkman was indeed invited by the police for questioning regarding serious allegations, he was not arrested. The FCT Police Command’s proactive communication seeks to ensure that the truth is known and that the integrity of the investigative process is upheld.

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