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‘I’m Alive’ – Olu Jacobs Breaks Silence on Rumored Death (Video)

Olu Jacobs Breaks Silence on Rumored Death

In a heartfelt and poignant moment, renowned Nigerian actor Olu Jacobs has unequivocally debunked the rampant rumors of his death that have recently circulated. The actor, whose contributions to Nollywood have made him a beloved figure, addressed the false reports in a video released by his family.

The video, which has since garnered widespread attention, features the venerable actor, visibly struggling with his speech. Despite his frail appearance, Jacobs mustered the strength to refute the malicious rumors. As his son tenderly cut his hair, he engaged his father in a conversation that would lay the rumors to rest.

“Hello, dad, can you hear me? They said you died,” his son prompted, seeking to dispel the anxiety that the false news had caused among their loved ones and fans alike.

With a determined yet gentle voice, Jacobs responded, “I can hear, no, it’s a lie – I’m alive.” This simple yet powerful declaration has brought relief and joy to his admirers, who have been disheartened by the recurring false reports of his demise.

Further addressing the situation, Jacobs’ son expressed his frustration with the persistent rumors. “We are going to Ikoyi Club today and they will see you, all those foolish people,” he said, reaffirming his father’s vitality and their intent to confront the rumor mill head-on.

The false reports of Olu Jacobs’ death, which emerged on Sunday, were quickly denied by both his family and the Actors Guild of Nigeria. This isn’t the first time the esteemed actor has been the subject of such unfounded claims. Over the past few years, Jacobs has been erroneously reported dead multiple times, causing unnecessary distress to his family and fans.

The persistence of these rumors highlights a troubling trend in the media landscape, where misinformation can spread rapidly and cause significant emotional turmoil. The outpouring of support and well-wishes following the release of the video underscores the deep affection and respect that people have for Olu Jacobs.

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Olu Jacobs, a stalwart of the Nigerian film industry, has had a prolific career spanning several decades. His contributions have not only entertained audiences but also paved the way for future generations of actors. Despite his current health challenges, Jacobs’ spirit remains unbroken, as evidenced by his defiant declaration of life.

As the actor continues to navigate his health journey, his fans and the broader Nollywood community remain hopeful and supportive. The video serves as a poignant reminder of the power of truth and the importance of standing against falsehoods.

In a world where misinformation can easily take root, the clarity and honesty displayed by Olu Jacobs and his family are both commendable and necessary. Their transparency has not only reassured the public but also reaffirmed the resilience and enduring legacy of one of Nigeria’s most cherished actors.



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