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‘I’m Behind Verydarkman’s Arrest’ – Samklef

‘I’m behind Verydarkman’s arrest’ – Samklef

Samklef Takes Responsibility for Verydarkman’s Arrest.


Popular Nigerian music producer Samklef has openly claimed responsibility for the recent arrest of the controversial social critic, Verydarkman, also known as VDM.

Reports surfaced on Sunday that Verydarkman had been taken into police custody again, only weeks after his previous release. The social critic has faced numerous legal troubles this year, primarily due to his ongoing clashes with various Nigerian celebrities.

Samklef, known for his significant contributions to the Nigerian music industry, took to his Instagram page to confirm his involvement in the latest arrest of Verydarkman. In a candid post, he stated, “I’m behind Verydarkman’s arrest. I have a serious death threat case with him.”

The music producer’s post further elaborated on the situation, saying,

“Verydarkman has been arrested! Oya poor envy children make una go protest for una hero. I, Samklef, am one of the people behind him being arrested! Don’t play! E needs extra cellcation.”

Samklef’s revelation has sparked a wave of reactions across social media platforms, with many fans and followers weighing in on the situation. The conflict between Samklef and Verydarkman has been brewing for some time, with the latter known for his blunt and often controversial opinions about various public figures.

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Verydarkman’s arrest history dates back to earlier this year, with multiple detentions resulting from his outspoken critiques and alleged threats against celebrities. His bold approach has earned him a mix of admirers and detractors, making his legal battles a topic of public interest.

Samklef’s decision to publicly acknowledge his role in the arrest underscores the gravity of the threats he claims to have received. By bringing this issue to light, Samklef has not only added another layer to the ongoing narrative but also highlighted the potential dangers faced by public figures who speak out against their peers.

The Nigerian music industry, while celebrated for its creativity and cultural influence, is not without its controversies and conflicts. This latest incident involving Samklef and Verydarkman serves as a reminder of the complex dynamics and tensions that can arise within the entertainment world.

As the story continues to unfold, fans and observers are keenly watching to see how the situation develops and what further actions, if any, will be taken by the involved parties. For now, Samklef’s bold admission has certainly captured the attention of the public and added a new chapter to the ongoing saga between him and Verydarkman.

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