‘Don’t Arrest Him, Just Leave Him For Orikoko’ – Mercy Williams Goes Spiritual Over Sunday Igboho’s Behavior (Photos)

'Don't Arrest Him, Just Leave Him For Orikoko' - Mercy Williams Goes Spiritual Over Sunday Igboho's Behavior

This life no balance! While many people are referring to Sunday Igboho as a freedom fighter, others sees him as threat to the larger society. Mercy Williams has shown her hatred on Sunday Igboho’s recent behaviors with her post on social media.

The name ‘Sunday Igboho’ became so popular in Nigeria weeks ago when he issued illegal quit notice to Fulani Herders in Oyo state. He proceeded into implementation of his order at the expiration of the eviction notice. In that unlawful attack on Fulani settlement in communities in Oyo state, Fulani houses and some of their belongings were set ablaze by Sunday and those escorting him.

That wasn’t enough as he proceeded to neighboring Ogun state few days ago for the same action against Fulani community in the state.

However, Sunday Igboho in anger abused the paramount traditional ruler, Ooni of Ile-Ife. As father of Yorubas, he visited the president in Abuja to discuss the ill-treatment been given to Fulanis in the region.

Ooni who returned from Abuja with message of peace on his leaps has since been attacked by Sunday Igboho. For trying to instill peace in the region, Sunday insulted the custodian of Yoruba culture severally. He called the respected king a slave. Sunday who threatened to attack the Oba when he goes out, alleged also that, Ooni has collected bribe from the president.


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For this nonchalant attitude towards Ooni, Tinubu, and others Yoruba leaders, many who were hitherto supporting Sunday have since turned against him. While some wanted him to be arrested by security agencies, people like Mercy Williams wanted to use fetish means to call him to order.

Mercy Williams and Sunday Igboho

According to Mercy in her Facebook post some moments ago, Sunday Igboho should not be arrested, but be left alone for Orikoko.

Mercy who was seen putting on strange attire in one of the photos she posted alongside the Facebook post, says that, Sunday will soon understand that, some people are not only bigger than him, but are also strongly behind President Muhammadu Buhari.


See her post below

Mercy Williams Post on Sunday IgbohoThe efficacy of Mercy Williams’ Orikoko is not yet ascertained, no one would want to merely test the ability of African strength for any reason.

Meanwhile, Sunday Igboho have already tendered apology to Ooni of Ife for the insults thrown on him, and other prominent Yoruba leaders. He said,he called Ooni and begged him to forgive him for everything.

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