Oyo Teacher Recruitment: Anchronistic Governance Belittles Pace Setter State

The Oyo state government announced teacher s’ recruitment into its post-primary schools in the state recently.

The collection of forms was to commence on February 12, 2020 at a price of N1,000. However, the government later cancelled the payment of N1,000 and directed that the form be obtained free of charge.

On February 12, 2020, applicants thronged at the various form collection offices and the irrepressible population forced the government to arrange for a website through which the forms could be downloaded and filled for transmission to designated offices.

While Rights and Freedom Advocates (RIFA) opine that government deserve kudos for the recruitment to fill vacant positions, it won’t augur well that people resources- times, money and lives should be wasted on nothing at the altar of government ineptitude.


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Actually, the government has successfully transferred the printing cost to applicants while saving them the transport to collection offices and time to be wasted in queuing for form collection but no applicant is assured that his application would get to appropriate quarters with the tactic adopted by the government.

This is because thousands, if not hundreds of thousand, of people would apply based on the rate of unemployment among teacher graduates.

Oyo Teacher Recruitment: Anchronistic Governance Belittles Pace Setter State

Therefore, there is no way human beings that would be engaged to enter applicants’ data on the system would not commit grievous errors that would dampen hope of many applicants.

Apart from that, time that would be wasted in entering the data could rather be imagined.

More so, the human errors in applicants’ data that would be captured by the staff may bring distrust between the governed and the leaders while receiving acknowledgement of forms submitted may be elusive.


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In fact, many forms would be lost as there is no way all the forms could be adequately attended to by the staff in charge of the exercise.

As way forward, RIFA urge the Teaching Service Commission (TESCOM) in Oyo state which is the government agency saddled with the recruitment responsibility to avoid haste decision and ensure a standard website that would allow applicants to fill their forms easily, allocate applicants’ numbers easily, submit and print acknowledgement copies as evidence of being guaranteed potential place in the recruitment exercise.

Besides, such standard website would make it easy for TESCOM to shortlist candidates and compile a more reliable data of applicants.

Oyo state that prides itself as a pace setter cannot but ridicule itself with its antiquated manual form filling and submission which would only result in massive disenfranchisement of many applicants

Luqman Soliu,


Rights and Freedom Advocates (RIFA).


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