REV KUKAH Latest Outburst: Nothing Has Changed Of Addicted Warmonger & Hate Dealer – RIFA

REV KUKAH Latest Outburst: Nothing Has Changed Of Addicted Warmonger & Hate Dealer - RIFA

REV KUKAH Latest Outburst: Nothing Has Changed Of Addicted Warmonger & Hate Dealer. 

On December 25, 2020 when Nigerians were supposed to be enduring the economic and security situations of the country to which unpatriotic Nigerians turned the country, some section of the media reported that catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese; Rev Fr Mattew Kukah in his usual divisive utterances engaged in his usual anti-Muslim gaffe.

Rights and Freedom Advocates (RIFA) were not however too much astounded by the Bishop latest usual diabolic mission of destroying Nigeria unity and peace. In fact, the relevant security agents most of which have taken their oath of office as secondary and allegiance to Kukah group as primary ought to have rounded him up but for the conspiracy against the nation. And that is why the insecurity persists as there is selective justice on the part of security operatives.

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It is on record that Rev Kukah and co led their foreign counterparts in a failed bid to cause war in Nigeria which made them believed that the Country might not outlived 2015. To God be the glory, their plans failed woefully not even with the hatched job spearheaded by Pastor Bosun Emmanuel and they have since started other perfidious jobs to ensure the disintegration of the Country.

This included hiring of foreign mercenaries to spread fake news just for them to discredit anyone not sharing their diabolic mission as usually shown in Kukah messages of evil. Could a genuine man of God be engaged in such treacherous acts of Kukah type?

Before now, Kukah has always expressed his hate for a real Muslim. It was on record that Kukah and group launched a serious anti-Buhari campaign prior to 2015 election based on being a sincere Muslim the same way he did in 2018/2019 when he teamed up with Dr Olusegun Obasanjo to unseat Buhari although failed woefully in the two attempts. When they were wasting Federal government revenue on annual pilgrimage then, all was well with them.

Despite this reality, Kukah still lives in the past where their skimming was unnoticed and unchallenged. The Bishop whose reign of fanning ember of discord has been enjoying media support should think twice henceforth as his insidious plan would be adequately exposed.

Well, Rev Kukah made mention of some North Central and South Nigerian groups whose members were hitherto the determinants of who got what in the South but are no longer dictating as their children are now queuing and so unhappy and labeling Buhari anything negative which they couldn’t bear when Maryln Ogan of Department of State Services even became daylight politician working for them.

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Reverend Kukah penchant for evils is just a reflection of what he stands for. And good Nigerians cannot allow him like his cohorts have their ways any longer. That is why Kukah subtle call for coup could only come from enemy of Nigeria.

Those he erroneously regarded as leaders of Southern Nigeria are not leaders at all but dealers in crime and aggrandizement. Their interest is not collective interest of the good of the South but what goes into their pockets.

When they or their children were at the helm of affairs representing the South they brought no monumental progress to the South but only cared for their selfish interests. Now that none of their children is in power and there is progress in the South they are crying wolf just to return the Southern part to their retrogressive past.

May God forbid bad thing. So, Mattew Kukah should stop regarding his colleagues in evils as leaders of the South but some disgruntled destroyers of the South.

In the Christmas message published by Kukah co-travelers in the disintegration of Nigeria, the Bishop was quoted to have said the Buhari Administration is pro-Northern and Muslim but RIFA are quick to ask the Reverend father why he was silent when Aso Rock became unofficial headquarter of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) wherein Kukah and cohorts were the sole determinants of Who got what in Federal and State appointments during Former President Obasanjo and Jonathan’s regimes when nothing less than 85% of appointments in the South were for the Christians.

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Was that not nepotism of highest order? Why were Kukah and fellow groups silent then? Oh, that was the grand plan which now failed? Even when the whole 17 southern States in Nigeria had Christians as Ministers during Goodluck Jonathan regime, the Muslim still maintained the peaceful tempo and the complaint could only resulted in the appointment of Jeleel Adesiyan of Osun state at last minute to help complete the rigging in Ekiti as Dasuki was used to perfect the sharing of FG officials’ loots then.

Was Reverend Kukah in the womb then or didn’t know the meaning of Nepotism?

For every discerning mind, no Muslim cleric dares try the ember of discord which the Reverend is fanning in Sokoto; the Seat of the caliphate in any of the South East or South-South States- an indication that the Revered is strategically placed in the Caliphate seat to help execute the agenda of disintegration of the Country which he has been known for.

The real patriots knew his role in the annulment of June 12, 1993 and his current involvement in other devilish agenda. Reverend Kukah should not believe Nigeria of today is the Nigeria of yesterday where he and likes were using their media to discredit anyone that block their pipe of ruining the Country.

Former CAN President Ayo Oritsejafor was once the defacto President of the Country determining who Dr Goodluck Jonathan should appoint to the extent that at least 93% of those who worked under President Jonathan were CAN appointees.

Since February 2014 when former Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) governor; Sanusi lamido Sanusi who exposed the fraud reigning then was unceremoniously removed by President Goodluck Jonathan as directed by CAN leadership when he visited it in Lagos and replaced with CAN appointee; Godwin Emefiele whose tenure engendered the worst the Country could experience in its financial and monetary policies as the Country exchange rate market has remained the worst in the history of Nigeria under his watch as Professor Tenebet nearly destroyed National Open University of Nigeria where fraud and irregularity reigned supreme, what did Reverend Kukah did to expose the evils? Despite the fact that the North ought to have been in the saddle of the Country apex Bank, Buhari sacrificed that to allow the Country witness the consequence of Reverend Kukah group unpatriotic disposition against the nation.

From Paul Ogwumah to Joseph Sanusi then to Charles Soludo before Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, if not Reverend Kukah group agenda, Nigeria would not be experiencing the current economic evils being foisted on the nation by Emefiele led CBN.

Yet the informed Nigerians are still perseverance but people like kukah won’t allow the sleeping dog lies. Yet the war against the anointed continues from the real enemies of the nation who imposed the mess on us.

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RIFA challenged Reverend Kukah to tell Nigerians what he said when CAN former President Ayo Oritsejafor was caught in South Africa in arm deal for his boys causing troubles in Nigeria. He should tell the Nation his position when daily bombing was synonymous with Nigeria during Dr Jonathan presidency.

What could Kukah say when reverend Kalamu Musa of Borno CAN made public declaration that CAN was only using the insurgency in North East to dupe foreign donors while looting same away at the expense of the vulnerable members of the zone who deserved the aides?

The revelations on how Dr Jonathan and Dr Obasanjo regimes laid foundation for modern insecurity and fraud satisfied Reverend Kukah and colleagues because they were part of the plots to destroy Nigeria. The claim by reverend Kukah that some disgruntled partners in destruction of Nigeria sued FG and condemned President Buhari which has most balanced cabinet in the history of the nation really exposed the CANnized cabinet which Kukah group expected but failed as they always ensured in Nigeria.

Could the country have been peaceful if what the cabinets in most of the Southern states were to be otherwise as currently constituted according to religion of the political appointees? The patriots know the real troublemakers and rabble-rousers who always cry when those being oppressed resist further enslavement. The story in Ondo, Ekiti, Edo and the South South/East States where the Muslim technocrats are treated with disdain and massacred with impunity explained the message of hatred the Bishop and co disseminated.

While RIFA’s belief is that human beings are one as created by God, the ember of discord being fanned by Kukah ought to be placed in proper perspective to correct his usual lies so as to save the nation from the Bishop of doom. RIFA challenge Kukah to a public debate to discus cabinet composition of Dr Olusegun Obasanjo and Goodluck Jonathan based on religion of appointees for Nigeria to have a clearer picture.

Kukah can only deceive his co-travellers with inadequate information or hypocritical agenda. RIFA also urge patriotic Nigerians to disregard the beer-parlour utterances of the Bishop as its usual antics to returning to business of milking the government at the expense of followers he deceive to be representing.

Luqman Soliu
Rights and Freedom Advocates (RIFA)

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