Photos of some passengers stranded, after a
train heading to Kano from Lagos, derailed in a
forest in Kwara State have emerged.
The unfortunate incident took place last night!
Though details of the incident remain sketchy as at the time of
this report, it is said that the train developed some kind of fault
leaving the passengers stranded and alone in a bush in Kwara
Sadly, this is not the first of its kind as similar incidences of the
same happening in December and even early this year, via the
same route.
This of course might lead to fewer number of people who would
ply the route in the nearest future, as most people would avoid a
repetition of an ugly and scary experience.
A stranded passenger during the last of its kind noted that officials
of the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) in the train did not act
as expected as the passengers were exposed to danger in the
He said: “This train is going to Kano from Lagos and it developed
fault after leaving Osogbo. We have been in the bush before Ikirun
since morning. We are stranded here since 7am and there is no
hope that we will leave soon,”
Other passengers also lamented that the NRC’s official in the train
did not manage the situation well and called on the management
of the corporation to come to their rescue.

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