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Nigerian Girls Go Into Relationship For Money - South African Reality TV Star, Malibongwe Gumede

South African reality TV personality and radio presenter, Malibongwe Gumede, recently expressed her views on romantic relationships, highlighting perceived differences in approach between Nigerian and South African women.

Speaking on the Frankly Speaking podcast alongside Nollywood actor Chinedu Ani Emmanuel, also known as Nedu, Gumede emphasized that South African women often approach relationships differently. She pointed out that when South African women are interested in someone, even if the person happens to be Nigerian, they openly express their feelings without an immediate expectation for financial involvement.

“In South Africa, when we like someone, be it a Nigerian guy, we don’t attach financial expectations upfront. Our feelings are genuine, and we don’t need you to start spending money for us to engage with you,” Gumede stated.

However, Gumede noted a perceived difference in approach among some Nigerian women, suggesting that they tend to prioritize financial considerations in relationships. She observed, “What I’ve noticed about Nigerian girls is that they often seek to extract material benefits first. There seems to be a strong emphasis on money. South African girls, on the other hand, can genuinely care for you even without significant wealth; effort matters more to us.”

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She elaborated that while South African women are willing to appreciate and support partners who are making an effort, Nigerian women might prioritize financial stability in relationships. “For Nigerian girls, it’s seemingly more about the financial aspect. If there isn’t money to sustain their desired lifestyle, they might not engage with you,” Gumede remarked.

It’s important to note that these are observations shared by Gumede during the podcast and may not represent the views or experiences of all individuals.