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Some Nigerians have showed their displeasure at President Buhari’s decision to travel to the United Kingdom for holidays when the country is faced with security challenges and the defections that is rocking his party.
Some questioned why he cant spend his holiday in the country.
Below are some comments we gathered:

@Ibukumayomide8 “Just tell us he’s sick again and wants to proceed for his routine medical check in the UK with taxpayers money as usual. The amount that wouldn’t be revealed to the taxpayers, just despite all his empty promises. I remember him saying he’ll not seek medical attention abroad.Lies”

@Amen_i_r “Must he travel outside the country for holiday, why can’t he promote Nigeria tourism by going to places like Obudu Mountain Resort?

@SunnieOguns “No mind dem.. we all know say na London hin hospital and doctors dey.. Lair Mohamed will soon come and throw more lights on the matter.”

@OlusegunAndr1 “The long break is very necessary especially when defections are flying all over. Malam Shehu Garba…..when are you resigning your position to join the PDP?

@Talktonnamadi “It is not auspicious for the President to proceed
on holidays when APC ‘s house is on fire. Is this a “tactical withdrawal”? It is expected that Buhari should stem the tide of the ongoing implosion in APC before embracing the pleasure of a vacation.”

@Okorocollins11 “Chaiii… Baba Buhari, there is a fire in your house
and you’re running to London. Hmm.”

@Lordsancity “How many days is he entitled to and how many has he used this year? I would have preferred him staying somewhere in the country for his holidays just to promote local content. But if our leaders don’t show the way, who would? So who is Obudu, Yankari, etc meant for?

@1verich “Why not step down for Osinbanjo; it will change the
dynamics. Perhaps save APC from a disgraceful defeat.”

@doughlas_mytch “Holiday? Not now.. Not at this critical stage of anarchy, insecurity and economic misfortunes in the nation..A Nelson Mandela wouldn’t, A Trump will never do this, A Putin wouldn’t, a Robert Mugabe wouldn’t, what is wrong with your government sir. Are you guys confused?

@DanielDisu1 “His stay at home and holidaying have been
inconsequential to the qualitative lives and wellbeing of Nigerians.
What is he really governing on top? Chaos and mass destructions of lives and properties.Good riddance to bad rubbish.”

@Egwuogodwin “He has destroyed APC and he is running away
for condolence Osinbajo to fix the damages the way he does it
with his magic but this time his absence will encourage more

@Ituaterry “Nigerians need a healthy president come 2019…very
difficult for the presidency to admit that Buhari is going to see his UK doctor rather you guys tie to vacation… Nigerians are tired of
deceit, intimidation, killings and hardship by this government.”

@Hayourtheyji “Why can’t this man promote Nigeria vacation and
tourism sector? At least there are good and beautiful hotels and places to enjoy in Nigeria. Instead of flying and wasting millions of Naira on vacation in London.

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