"It Is A Case Of Murder And Suicide,” - Police Explained What Happened To The Couple Found In The Car

The latest information about Couple Found dead in their car which people believe that they were having sex inside the car as take another dimension.

According to The information reaching us, The man Mr Hakeem Oladimeji who was an ogun State Contractor hit his girlfriend with a stick during an argument between them.

This happened in the apartment that the man rent for his girlfriend in Bariga, Lagos.

After hitting her, he put this is side chic in his car and drove to her apartment where he ingested himself with insecticide.

This cause him to died alongside with his girlfriend but before he died, he wrote a letter to his wife.

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This incident was confirmed by Mr Abimbola Oyeyemi the Ogun  State Police Public Relations Officer.


“The two did not die while having sex. What happened was that the girl in question happened to be a girlfriend to that man. He rented an apartment for her somewhere in Lagos.

“He went there to visit her. We don’t know what transpired between them, but we learnt he hit the woman on the head and she slumped.

“He carried the lifeless body of the woman in his vehicle. People in that neighbourhood ran to Ilaje police station in Bariga to report. But he drove off, straight to his house at Orimerunmu.

“He dropped a suicide note, informing his wife that he had killed somebody. He told his wife not to bother looking for him, asking her to take care of the children. Then he left the house.

“He drove and parked near NASFAT area and he committed suicide there. We saw a container of Sniper in the vehicle, which suggested that he drank Sniper (an insecticide). He wound up the glasses and died in the vehicle.

“So, it is a case of murder and suicide,”

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