SUV Rams Into Building... 2 dead, Many injured
SUV Jeep Accident

It has been confirmed that two persons died while many others sustained different injuries following a brake failure accident involving an unregistered Land Rover SUV in Lagos.

The unregistered Land Rover SUV reportedly veered off the road and rammed into a building at Panada, Isolo area of Lagos State.

Wise Loaded Media gathered from eyewitnesses that the vehicle had hit several people along the roadside killing two persons, including an eight years child.

The Divisional Police Officer (DPO), Aswani Divisional Police Station, CSP Oyin Francess while confirming the incident said an investigation would be conducted to know the real owner of the vehicle since it is unregistered.

She said the vehicle has been evacuated to the police station while the injured persons including the driver have been taken to the hospital for treatment.

Another eyewitness, Iya Fathia revealed that:


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“I sell goods on that culvert. As the vehicle was approaching with reckless speed, I shouted at him to condemn his manner of driving in fact, he bashed the police patrol van stationed over there and what we saw next was that he was hitting people on the roadside before ramming into that building.

“It was then we moved closer to the place and realised that several people had been injured. On the spot, we saw a small girl lying lifeless on the floor as well as a man who was identified as Jelili on the floor.

“Several people were injured. The girl’s sister was hit and sustained serious injuries. There were another four victims from a family.

“The accident was so serious that we don’t know the number of people that were injured because the casualties were too much.

“A woman was selling Dokunu over there, her leg was broken with her small girl also injured. The community has since been thrown into great grief.”

It was learnt that the eight-year-old girl was the only child of her father. The girl, who was identified as ‘Akure’ and had followed her maternal stepsister out to get what she was going to eat when the unfortunate accident happened.
SUV Rams Into Building... 2 dead, Many injured
SUV Jeep Accident

The eight year old girl’s father was seen crying uncontrollably while he received sympathisers.

While crying he said;

“if I am at home she wouldn’t have gone out. She knew everything about me. Whenever I and her mother got into a misunderstanding, she knew how to calm me down. She knew what I wanted and what I detest. Where is my Eniola!”

A family friend, Pastor Mrs. Ezekiel Ojomo, explained that the little girl had followed her sister out to get food without the consent of their mother.

She said the mother would not have allowed her to follow her sister.


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