Soun, Minister Rescued As Hoodlums Attack Ogbomoso Palace - Wiseloaded

Soun, Minister Rescued As Hoodlums Attack Ogbomoso Palace

Soun, Minister Rescued As Hoodlums Attack Ogbomoso Palace

The Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Sunday Dare and Soun of Ogbomoso, Oba Oladunni Oyewumi were rescued by Operatives of the Department of Security (DSS) during an attack on the palace by hoodlums.

Wiseloaded Media gathered that the security operatives had to practically rescue them and chiefs at the meeting from the hoodlums who vandalized the palace.

The sitting room of the monarch and several vehicles in the palace were destroyed.

They also broke glasses and other valuables in the palace.

However, the secretary of the monarch, Mr Toyin Ajamu confirmed the attack in a statement release which reads:

“We had been trying to appease the protesters since morning. The protesters, who introduced themselves as students, came to the palace on Saturday and we addressed them. We learned that one person died in the process.

“Today, some of the aggrieved youth set to burn fire at the various junction leading to the police station. To prevent the matter from degenerating, Kabiyesi directed some of his chiefs to appease the protesters but they started stoning whoever came their way and threw tyres into the station.”

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“The Minister of Sports, Sunday Dare visited the palace shortly before the attack on the palace while returning from the visit to the family of the deceased.

“They shattered windscreens of vehicles in the palace, vandalised the palace and burnt down a motorcycle.

“We were only saved because there were burglar proofs on the windows. Nobody was injured but about 10 vehicles were vandalised, including the vehicle of Chairman Christian Association of Nigeria, Ogbomoso North Zone Rev. Tayo Adeyanju.

“The police were running for dear life so they couldn’t respond on time.

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“Luckily, Kabiyesi escaped because the meeting was being held at the dining section and not the sitting room. The protesters were not able to get to where the meeting was being held.”


The Minister at the other hand confirmed the attack in series of tweet on Sunday evening reads;

“Ogbomoso- Hoodlums, thugs and miscreants disrupt stakeholders meeting in Soun’s palace now -invading, stoning and breaking doors, glasses.

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“Soun, myself, and council chiefs were scurried into safety by the police and Department of State Services.

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“The hoodlums broke into the palace and destroyed chairs, overturned tables, broke windows. These were not youth or Students. These were miscreants and thugs who saw a window of opportunity in the protest which (was) since abated. Thankfully, Soun, the chiefs, leaders of Parapo are safe.”

Wondering why the Soun’s palace was attacked, Dare stated peace had been restored.

He said:

“Ogbomoso youths are law-abiding. But hoodlums have taken over. A combined team of operation Burst from Ibadan and a unit from Ilorin are now on ground in Ogbomoso to help keep the peace, protect the peaceful and innocent and also stop criminal elements.

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Soun of Ogbomosho yesterday and today personally appealed to this group to stop the violence.”



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