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Brighton vs Liverpool 1-3 Highlight (Download Video)

Mohammed Salah scored brace in Brighton vs Liverpool

Download Football Video: Brighton vs Liverpool 1-3 Highlight (EPL) #bhaliv .


Brighton vs Liverpool Highlights Download: July 2020 – English Premier League. 

Mohammed Salah recorded a brace after he shine very well and missed a chance to record a hat-trick.

Liverpool is closing to their target of reaching 100 points and now at 92 points with four matches left.


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Mo Solah as man of this Brighton vs Liverpool has this to say;

“I think it was a good game for fans to watch. They play really well from the back and had a good game. Scoring early made it easier but they played a good game.

After 2-1 they had more confidence and were close to a second, so when I scored the third one it made us calm again and we had more confidence that the game was almost over.”

He’s then asked if he’s thinking about the Golden Boot, and cracks a wide grin as he insists he’s taking it “game by game”. But we know what he’s thinking, don’t we, kids?







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