The National Chairman of the All Progressives
Congress (APC), Adams Oshiomhole, has
appealed to aggrieved members of the party to
be patient with his leadership, in an apparent
response to the emergence on Wednesday of a
rebel faction, Reformed APC (R-APC).
The APC spokesperson, Bolaji Abdullahi, also
said the party would review the claims and
actions of the R-APC and reply accordingly.
The APC national chairman spoke to journalists
after receiving the report of the party’s just
concluded National Convention Appeal Panel
Committee’s report on Wednesday.
Buba Galadima, who is the National Chairman of
the Reformed APC, announced its formation at a
news conference in Abuja on Wednesday.

“My appeal to all those who are aggrieved is to
be patient,” Mr Oshiomhole said.
“The assurance is that under my leadership, we
will make honest mistakes and once our
attention is drawn, we will find courage to make
up for our mistake.
“Some people say how can people eat their
words? For me, I will eat my words if it is
nutritious enough and if that is what I have to do
to have peace in the family.”
He expressed appreciation to members of the
party for his election and for entrusting with
him, the responsibility to pilot the party’s affairs
at this time.
He acknowledged that he knew of the party’s
challenges before accepting the task, saying that
it was a huge opportunity for him and other
newly elected executives of the party to make a

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This, Mr Oshiomhole said, was not only for the
party, but for the country generally.
“So, I appeal to people to realise that a blind man can redeem his
eyes if he applies the correct medication, but you can’t force it to
open overnight,” he said.
He added that forcing the eyes to open overnight, would create
more problems and damage the eye the more.
The APC national chairman maintained that he would do
everything possible to sustain confidence and trust, adding that
everybody was important in the party.
He also said everybody in the party matters, adding that he
would run an inclusive party.
“I pray for wisdom and courage and I believe that we have it and
we will deploy it for peace within the APC family, Mr Oshiomhole

Mr Oshiomhole’s emergence as APC national chairman at the
recently held national convention was one of the issues raised by
the “Reformed APC” as being improper.
The faction alleged that Mr Oshiomhole and 17 other delegates
were elected without the input of delegates at the convention.
“It is therefore unquestionably clear that the 18 officers of APC
that was “Elected” through this process could not have been duly
elected,” Mr Galadima said in his press statement.

In his reaction to the “Reformed APC” and its allegations, the APC
spokesperson, Bolaji Abudullahi, said the party leadership would
need to get the full details of what happened.
“We have report of a group of who have purportedly described
themselves as a faction of our party. We will be able to give our
reaction as soon as we get the full details and have the
opportunity to review it,” he said.

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