Zazoo Crooner, Portable Drags Pocolee For Stealing His Song And Money (Video)

Zazoo Crooner, Portable Drags Pocolee For Stealing The Money Wizkid Sprayed On Him (Video)

Nigerian street singer and rave of the moment, Portable, also known as Zazoo, has called out popular dancer, Poco Lee for allegedly hijacking his song and stealing money Starboy Wizkid sprayed on him.

Portable who made headlines after being introduced to rapper Olamide by Poco Lee to make a song titled ‘ZaZoo Zehh’, claimed Pocolee is trying to steal his song.

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Following the release of the song on the 14th of December 2021, it introduced Poco Lee as the owner of the song, while indicationg Portable and Olamide as featured acts.

However, Portable in a trending video slammed Poco Lee, claiming that the dancer hijacked the song from him and has cornered the money Wizkid sprayed him at the recently-held Wizkid livepsot concert.


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