Yoruba Nation Agitators Committed Treason by Invading Oyo Assembly - Bode Goerge

Yoruba Nation Agitators’ Invasion of Oyo Assembly Branded Treasonous by Bode George.


Bode George, a prominent figure within the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), condemned the recent actions of Yoruba Nation agitators who stormed the Oyo State Secretariat, labeling their actions as treasonous.

The incident unfolded over the weekend when a group of Yoruba Nation supporters forcibly entered the premises of the Oyo State House of Assembly, asserting the creation of a purported ‘Democratic Republic of the Yoruba’ separate from Nigeria.

In a widely circulated video, these agitators, adorned in military-style attire and reportedly armed, made bold claims while breaching the security of the government building. The Nigerian Army later stated that the agitators had even fired upon soldiers dispatched to maintain order.

Expressing his dismay over the invasion, Bode George emphasized the gravity of the situation, emphasizing that resorting to arms against the government constitutes treason. Speaking on the Arise News Programme, Morning Show, George vehemently criticized the agitators’ actions, highlighting the importance of dialogue over confrontation.

George articulated, “Taking up arms against the government is an act of treason. Resorting to violence instead of engaging in constructive dialogue is unacceptable. It’s concerning that these individuals felt compelled to arm themselves and breach the law of the land.”

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He further questioned the motives behind such aggressive actions, suggesting a possible lack of education among the agitators. George stressed the significance of exercising freedom of speech as a civilized means of addressing grievances rather than resorting to violence.

The incident also underscored the urgent need for enhanced security measures, with George advocating for the establishment of state police to prevent similar occurrences in the future. He pointed out the failure to detect and deter the agitators’ activities as indicative of intelligence shortcomings within the nation.

In conclusion, Bode George reiterated the importance of upholding the rule of law and fostering constructive dialogue to address grievances, rather than resorting to violence and acts of rebellion against the state.

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