Drones, Missile Attack Legitimate Response Against Israel - Iran

Iran Asserts Legitimate Response to Israel: Drones and Missiles in Retaliation.


Iran has justified its recent attack on Israel as a “legitimate response” to Israel’s airstrike on the Iranian consulate in Syria.

Following an Israeli airstrike in Damascus that resulted in the deaths of two senior members of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps at Iran’s embassy in Syria, Iran retaliated with a barrage of drones and missiles aimed at Israel on Saturday. However, Israeli defenses intercepted the incoming projectiles.

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Nasser Kanani, spokesperson for Iran’s Foreign Ministry, emphasized that Iran does not intend to escalate tensions in the region. He stated, “Iran’s action was completely legitimate and in accordance with the United Nations Charter, which grants states the right to self-defense.”

Kanani further urged the United States and the international community to acknowledge and appreciate Iran’s “responsible behavior” in this situation.

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