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Woman Sentenced To 141,078yrs, She Didn't Commit Murder, See What She Did

A woman, Chamoy Thipyaso of Thailand has received the longest prison sentence handed down by a court.

Chamoy who was given a jail term of 141,078 years. She was an employee of the Petroleum Authority of Thailand and the wife of a senior Thai air force officer.


However, her offence was that she started a chit pyramid scheme fund called the Mae Chamoy Fund, which was made to look like an oil share with high returns.

And due to her connections with the Air Force and Petroleum Authority, the scheme was able to sustain itself for a remarkably long time. In fact her Connections to the military were a huge factor that made people think her scheme was legitimate.


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She was able to draw in 16,231 clients into the scheme, not until it was shut down in the mid-1980s with her defrauding £2m from her clients.

Given that some of her victims had allegedly been members of the Thai royal household, she probably wasn’t expecting leniency hence, she was sentence for such a very long time.

Meanwhile, she was lucky in one respect because in 1989 Thai law decreed that regardless of the sentence given, the maximum time anyone could actually spend behind bars for fraud was 20 years.

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