Why Men Coaches Shouldn’t Work With Women Athletes

It’s very impossible to see a woman coaching men’s team but very common to see men coaching female athletes.

It’s not new in sport and we all know that many male coaches a lot of female athletes.

As a result of this, many people concluded that they prefer men coaches to women coaches which is not true. The reason for this is because we have a lot of men doing this coaching jobs than women.

Having very few women enrolling for the coaching jobs gives men more power to reach and control everywhere in sport and maybe Ruletti. Some people who still believe being a female coach is violating the traditional gender role norms.

Women also tend to be more open and forthcoming when they are not feeling confident. They are less inhibited to show a lack of confidence in their body language and words. As some coaches have succinctly paraphrased, many women need to feel good to play good. Female coach will quickly understand this because she’s a female as well.

Though, studies have found that male and female athletes prefer a male coach to a female coach but psychologically, a woman coach for female athletes is the best. Since we’re having a lot of female athletes then we must provide enough women coaches to guide them.

There is many variance in female athlete physiology in terms of menstrual cycle days, phase duration, contraceptive use, hormone levels which female coaches will understand more when coaching same-sex athletes.

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Female athletes are not defined by their menstrual cycle and it should not become the complete sentence of their coaching experience if it’s something the athlete and coach are confident is well managed and accounted for.

As a coach, you will need to work with all athletes together and individually. Coach needs to holds, touches and grabs etc athletes but male coaches will eventually have limited days toward female athletes.

A female athlete, Senior Melanie Chernin has sometime said that it has been frustrating having almost exclusively male coaches because it can be hard not to have that representation.

She said while their coach is trying to empower his athlete and they appreciate his efforts but it’s not the same as if it were being said to them by another woman. No argument, women appreciate women more than men.

As you may know, women have developed better communication skills than man but they also have to deal with much more since young ages which may cause their mood to swing from time to time.

Some soccer team will sack their female coach and employ a male coach. Female athletes prefer to have women as their coach than having a man. There are many more similarities in how men and women approach coaching and team management down in their differences.

The psychology of coaching applies equally to both genders then why not allow men to coach men and women to college women.

However each gender is different and needs to be respected and coached as such. Thus, you will be able to find many exceptions to the rules for both males and females.

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