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PSG vs Manchester City 1-2 Highlights (Download Video)

Download Football Video: PSG vs Manchester City 1-2 Highlights.


PSG vs Manchester City 1-2 Highlights Download: UEFA Champions League Quarter Final Result – April 28th, 2021. 


Much better from City – Foden has moved more central and Cancelo is providing the width down the left, giving PSG an extra problem to deal with. They have also played the first ten minutes in the opposition half, which was always going to be the game plan.

However it comes, an away goal would be invaluable here. City must score either today or next week to get back into the tie, and with the challenge made clear in that first half, having that away goal to defend next week could be crucial. It’s been slightly better after the break, but no chances as yet.

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There’s been a few niggly fouls not given in City’s favour but then similar decisions going against them. The players are starting to get annoyed with the officials.

Kylian Mbappe teases the City defence, forcing Kyle Walker to turn a dangerous cross behind. From the corner, Di Maria heads over.

City are out first, followed by a relaxed-looking PSG team. Neymar has strapping on his elbow from that Cancelo challenge.

45 minutes that didn’t exactly go City’s way. PSG very good, but City shaky and have been made to pay for their poor set piece defending. 1-0 might flatter the Blues, so if Pep has a ‘Plan B’ he might consider using it in the second half.

Straight from a free kick! In his home city, his home neighbourhood, Riyad Mahrez whips City ahead!






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