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Tiwa Savage Speaks of Battle with Poor Eyesight

Tiwa Savage Opens Up About Struggle with Poor Eyesight: A Personal Account.


Tiwa Savage, the renowned Nigerian songstress, recently took to social media to share her ongoing battle with poor eyesight, shedding light on her challenges and the steps she’s taking to address them.

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In a candid Instagram story that quickly gained traction, Tiwa revealed her struggles with reading text messages due to worsening eye issues over the past few months. She disclosed that she has been experiencing squinting for the past two to three years, indicating a prolonged period of discomfort and difficulty with her vision.

During a recent visit to an optician in London, the 44-year-old artist provided an update on her condition, informing her followers that her short-range vision is particularly affected. She expressed her reliance on medicated glasses to alleviate her symptoms and improve her visual clarity.

“Over the past 2-3 years, I’ve noticed persistent squinting and blurry vision when trying to read,” Tiwa shared with her audience. “In recent months, it has escalated to the point where I have to resort to screen-grabbing messages and zooming in using my phone’s camera. While in London, I sought professional help from an optician.”

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She went on to explain, “Fortunately, my long-range vision seems to be holding up for now, though not without issues. However, my short-range vision…” Here, Tiwa shook her head, indicating the severity of her visual impairment in close proximity.

By openly discussing her personal struggles with eyesight, Tiwa Savage not only raises awareness about the importance of eye health but also encourages others facing similar challenges to seek appropriate medical attention. Her transparency and willingness to share her journey resonate with audiences worldwide, emphasizing the significance of proactive eye care and the potential impact of vision-related issues on everyday life.


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